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I must say that watching the slow, leaning to stagnant, progression of on google has been a little frustrating.  It actually wasn’t until I started preparing for this very post that I realized one of the reasons for the lack of movement.  Before I explain let me first go over how the website is on the first page of google.  
As I briefly explained in a previous post, I was targeting a few keywords for  One of my keywords made it to the first page.  It is the bottom, but the first page none the less.  The keyword that made it and the only one that showed any progress is “printable subtraction flash cards“.  This is the least searched phrase out of the key phrases I am using.  It actually receives less than an average of 5 searches a day… worldwide… on all three major search engines… combined.  

The other key phrases don’t seem to be moving at all, other than the position on the page where they are stuck.  After taking a picture of the results I read the description of the site.  It is the page wording and not the description I thought I put on there.  I checked the coding and realized I put a title, but no description.  The wording was optimized for search engines so the pages weren’t improving in the search engines.  I have since corrected the subtraction page and will work on all the other pages over the next couple days.

This is very encouraging now, because before I thought I did everything I knew how and it still wasn’t working, but alas, I haven’t done everything I know so there is still hope.  For tracking, at the time of this writing  my main key phrase, printable flash cards, puts my site on page 19 where it has been for the last month.  In another month I would hope it is in the top 5 pages, but time will tell.


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