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Later this month I will be launching a new e-commerce site.  My goal for that site is to get the systems in place and enough traffic so that in six months I will be able to have a call center answer the phone and a fulfillment company ship the product.

If anyone is aware of a good fulfillment company please post a comment below with the link.

By outsourcing the majority of the tasks I will be free to pursue other business ideas I have and travel with my family a little more.

For my new site marketing blitz I am trying to keep it simple enough that it won’t be overwhelming and I can break the tasks up easily to accomplish them quicker.

There are four parts to my strategy:

  1. Find keywords
  2. Write and submit articles
  3. Social Bookmarking
  4. Comment on blogs

Keywords Research

This step can get very complicated, but I will try to briefly describe what I do for keyword research.  First I search for the topic that I am interested in, to see if there is high demand.  This would be easier to show in a video so I will do that.

Write and Submit Articles

After I have a list of about 10-20 keywords I want to target, I pick the phrase that has the lowest results, but is still searched a decent amount of times.  With this phrase in mind, I right an article for with the keyphrase as the title and then I have it naturally occur a few more times in the article, but not too many.

The article needs to be at least 450 words to make it more relevant making sure it still creates value for the reader.

In the bio box I put a couple sentences about the author and then add a link to my website or the page in my website I want to target.

Next I go to HubPages and Squidoo and write another article about the same keywords. It has to be unique to work.  On these sites I link to the ezinearticles post instead of my site to build up the page rank of the article.

My theory behind using the hubs and lenses to link to the article is that if I can get the article to be more relevant then the link from it to my site will help my site more than having three low page rank sites linking to me.

I do the same process for each keyword I chose.  I only do about 3-5 a week, however, to make it more natural. If I had 20 all in one day and nothing else it wouldn’t be as helpful over the long term.

Social Bookmarking

After I have completed the article series, I then bookmark each one on about 15 social bookmarking sites. I create a different account for each one series and save the series as well as my site in each one ensuring that the bookmarks are public.

I get a little traffic from the social bookmarking sites, but the main reason I do it is for the links.

Comment on Blogs

The last step is to give helpful or valuable comments on blogs.  Don’t spam the blogs and write something like, “Nice post! You might like my site“.  I never approve those kind of comments and that is true for most blogs.

In addition to commenting on blogs, I create a quick free blog at and  I put a couple paragraphs about a keyword and then link to my site.  In the links of blogroll section I link all sites and articles.  In the past I have created a new blog for each keyword, but if you create one of each for your topic and then add new posts to it, it will do better for you.

I hope this was helpful.  This is my simple link building technique and I know it can work for you too.


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