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I mentioned before that my wife makes wedding cakes and people are always asking her what flavors are good together.  One example is chocolate and mint.  The lady scrunched her mouth up making a disgusted look and let out an eww sound.  My wife then said the same thing, but reworded it a little. She called it Mint Chocolate Brownie.  The lady then got a happy look and said oh yum.

If she only said the name of the flavors, most people would not think it sounds appetizing.  Like combining raspberry and lemon or calling it raspberry lemonade.   Does strawberry and coconut sound good?  What about Tiger’s Blood? They are the same thing.

Making up a name for a combination is also better than just saying what they are.  For instance almond with peppermint may not sound good, but calling it California Christmas gives it a fun name that sounds like it would be delicious.  I just put two random flavors together and said the first thing that came to mind.  I don’t know if it would taste good, but the name makes it sound like it would.

This same thing has been done for years.  I remember when bottled water started to show up in convenience stores.  I thought it was the craziest thing I have ever seen.  You can get water from a drinking fountain or buy it.  Hmm.  They weren’t selling water, they were selling natural spring water bottled at the source.  Well guess what. The drinking fountain water is natural spring water too, but it wasn’t packaged that way so we don’t see it as the same.  Water is natural, it all comes from a spring at some point, the drinking fountain is a source.

A pen is an executive scribe device, a three ring binder is a storage system, a hamburger is gourmet angus beef patty on a home-made roll.  I could probably come up with better names if I spent more time on it.

The point is to come up with something different. I have never been in one, but Starbucks is a perfect example.  They don’t have small, medium, and large sizes.  They have Short, Tall, Grande, and Venti.  By creating a culture with its own lingo people feel loyal to the culture and want a Grande not a Medium.

What are you selling that can be repackaged or rebranded?


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