Jordan “Ice Peak” English

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Years ago I thought it would be cool to have a nickname and so I began brainstorming.  I wanted something that would play on my last name, English.  I first came up with Jordan “Eyes Peak” English, but when I told somebody they repeated it back as Ice Peak and my nick name was born.  

Now just reading the name Jordan “Ice Peak” English, you may not get it so I suggest you say it out loud.  You can do it quietly if somebody is near you and you don’t want them to think you have gone crazy talking to yourself.  Did you do it yet?  Still don’t get it?  Let me spell it out for you.  Jordan “I Speak” English.  Get it?  I speak English.  Sometimes people ask me how to spell English so I tell them it is like the language, not the people.

Since I first came up with this nickname in 2005, my little brother, Robbie, thought it was cool so he started telling his friends about it.  I did make sure to have it printed and trademarked so it would be mine, but that didn’t stop him from “borrowing” my nickname for his first fight in the Ultimate Combat Experience (UCE).

His fight didn’t make the TV show so he bought the DVD for $20.  The quality is very poor and they didn’t even have complete fights on there for everyone.  You’d think for $20 the guys would get the entire fight, but that is just me.  For his fight he goes by Austin “Ice Peak” English.  His fight goes three rounds to the decision, but the video cut out before the fight was over.  Here is the video.

You decide who won that fight. I have my opinion, but I am biased.  Robbie has the black shorts.  You should know that he is fighting a guy that ways at least 20 pounds more than him.

So as to not leave you hanging, Robbie did not win the fight.  He planned on fighting again after he got some training, but then he had a problem with his eye and school started so he didn’t fight again.

Now if anybody else with the last name of English or even French uses Ice Peak, just remember that I had it first.

My next goal is to get the google suggestion box to suggest Jordan English when I start typing.


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