I’ve Finally Done It!

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After about 10 days, I have reached #1 in google for the phrase Jordan English.  Before I started this blog I couldn’t find myself, but I did find Jordan English Gross.  I have never met him or even heard of him before, but he seems like a cool guy so I decided that my goal would be to rank higher than him in google for my name.  Here is the proof:

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Granted, the phrase Jordan English is probably only searched occasionaly by those named Jordan English, but at least I have secured the first position for the time being.  According to my site stats I have had 5 people click on my site from google.

What should my next goal be?  Should I try to rank higher than him using his own name?  That could prove to be difficult.  I quick search shows that he understands a thing or two about social networking and my site isn’t even in the first 10 pages of google.

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#1 Jordan English Gross on 12.24.08 at 4:48 am

great work :)

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