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Yesterday I was looking over my stats for this site to see what people are searching for that brings them here and what pages they look at once they are here.  Most of the visitors come to this site through searches involving Jordan English or wanting to know what Jordan means or different spellings of Jordan.

The second thing that brings people here are local current events.  With this in mind I will focus more on my thoughts of current events and interesting news rather than updates on my various sites and Internet marketing.

I think by focusing on what the reader is looking for, I will be able to get more traffic and that will cause me to post more often which is what I want to do.

I still might throw in some Internet marketing or update posts about my other ventures occasionally, but for the most part I will focus this blog more on what you want to read about rather than what I am doing.

This doesn’t mean that I will write about topics that don’t interest me, because that will not be the case. I will write about current events, but only what I find interesting or annoying.  I have some ideas now so starting next week I will make this site more informative.


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