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I intended on keeping this more current than I have.  I have been really busy lately working on a few different websites.  I am by no means a professional web designer, but I enjoy building websites and since I discovered wordpress it is so much easier.  

First, I built a website for Charlie Boy’s Pit BBQ.  It is a restaurant and so there isn’t much maintenance that needs to be done with it.

The next one is a site for printable flash cards called printable-flash-cards.com. That one is self explanatory I think.  I made it for a couple reasons.  First is to see how high I can get it placed in google under different keywords.  Right now it is on page 21 in google for ‘printable flash cards’, but on pages 3-5 for the others. They aren’t searched as much so I expected them to climb faster.

The other reason for the site is to create value which will in turn bring in some money.  I haven’t done much to monetize the site yet.  I am waiting for the value to be created first.

Another site I just finished today is a scrapbook site called Cactus Pink Online. It is for a friend of mine that is looking to unload some scrapbooking supplies.  Cactus Pink probably won’t be online long because he isn’t looking at it long term.

The last site is a Utah real estate auction site which I am getting involved with called Win Win Real Estate Auctions.  It isn’t ready yet, but should be active in about a week.

On a different note, I was checking my traffic for this site and found my posts on another site.  I have no problem with that, because I have some other sites where I do the same thing. I will, however, make sure I have links in all of my posts now just for fun.  I have used this site to keep track of my forex trading in the past and that may be why it was picked up.  I am still trading, but I will only post results here occasionally.

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#1 Printable-Flash-Cards.com is on the first page of google | JordanEnglish.com on 12.27.08 at 1:49 am

[...] let me first go over how the website is on the first page of google.   As I briefly explained in a previous post, I was targeting a few keywords for Printable-Flash-Cards.com.  One of my keywords made it to the [...]

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