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I made a set of cute flash cards to print out and help my son with his math, and thought you might want some too!  Once I figure out how to make them downloadable (advice?) I´ll put them on my blog over here: the holidays including Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years my flash car website took a big hit in traffic. I was getting around 4000 visits a month, but during November and December my traffic dropped down to just over 2000 visits a month.

This has caused me to take traffic generation for that website more seriously.  I am at the top of google for some of my keywords, but my primary keyword is still placing me many pages deep.  I haven’t done very much to get links for that keyword, but now I decided that I need to.

Here is why:

The main keyword I am targeting is printable flash cards.  When I started out looking for a niche I found that printable flash cards was searched around 40,000 times a month.

The term I am ranked for and drives the most traffic is printable number flash cards. I am number 2, but can get the number 1 spot if I do some optimizing.  Printable number flash cards is searched about 1,300 times a month.

Those are the broad results.  I figured out a few months ago that the exact numbers are the numbers to use.  Let’s go over those again.

Printable flash cards broad results – 40,500 Exact results – 8,100

Printable number flash cards broad results – 1,300 Exact results – 110

Looking at those numbers there is a big difference. I am #2 for printable number flash cards, yet I get almost all of the searches clicking on my site.

If I can get to the top 3 for printable flash cards, my site will most likely be clicked on the majority of searches.

Let’s say 70% of them click my site.  Right now I am getting a click through rate of 3.61% on my ads.  That would be 8100 x 70% = 5,670 x 3.61% = 204 x $0.046 (my average click earnings)= $9.41

These are December numbers which are low, but still not impressive. If I get my site up to the top, I would make more than $9.41 extra in an average month because the search volume increases through the school year.  I would also have more affiliate sales with the increase in traffic which would bring the earnings even higher.

Right now my page rank on the site is 1/10. My extreme sports site has a page rank of 3/10. I have written articles for the sports site and done some squidoo and hubpages stuff as well.  For the flash card site, I think I have only written one squidoo lens.

If I write 5 articles for the flash card site that should bring the site into at least the top 5 pages within 3 months.


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