GSP Gets Three on The Ultimate Fighter

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Mike Tyson was on at the beginning of the show and he is a pretty deep guy. He was giving the team some encouraging words and telling them not to be afraid, but to be confident. He said confidence breeds success and success breeds confidence.

He also told them that confidence needs to be applied properly.  I think that is true.  Confidence and cocky are different and confidence applied wrong is cockiness.

Koscheck’s team was pretty upset that Alex was yelling F’ Him Up during the fight.   Alex kept talking and really made Sevak mad.  He really wants to fight in the ring.

Alex, Bruce LeeRoy, decided to take on the roll of the of the guy that causes trouble in the house.  It is really too bad, because he is a funny guy.  He just got really cocky after he won his fight.

GSP still has control of the fights. He picked Kyle Watson versus Andrew Main. This is another odd match-up. They are both jui jitsu fighters. Kyle is much older and has more experience, so Team GSP feels he will win.

Koscheck is really trying to get under George St-Pierre’s skin, but it doesn’t seem to be working…yet.

It sounds like Andy is a faster and quicker fighter, but Kyle is slow, methodical, stronger, and seasoned.  I will give this fight to Kyle, but Andy looks like he could get the upset win.

Team GSP did a lot of psychological training for Kyle. They rehearsed his entry, did a mock fight and they raised his hand at the end.  I haven’t seen that type of psychological preparation on the show before. We’ll see if it pays off.

They fight started and they both had similar plans; punch and kick a little and find an opening for a take down. They both landed some good strikes and it went to the fence.

Andy jumped on Kyle’s back and got his hooks in while standing. Kyle did good controlling Andy’s arms from getting a choke, but Andy was able to score some rabbit punches.

It finally went to the ground, but Kyle didn’t quite get Andy off on the drop.  Kyle was able to get on top and escape the cumorah attempt.  This is where Kyle is supposed to dominate.

Andy did a good job keeping Kyle off.  Kyle was able to land a hard strike on another attempt at getting on top and he was pulled into Andy’s guard.  Kyle couldn’t control Andy on the ground.  He just needed to look like he was punishing him for the last 30 seconds and he would win the round, which he was able to accomplish.

Kyle won the first round, but Andy is not to be taken lightly.

The second round started like the first. Andy threw strikes and kicks while Kyle waited for timing. Andy went in swinging and Kyle was able to take him down within 30 seconds of the round.

Andy attempted a triangle which allowed Kyle to move into side mount.  Andy was able to pull him back into half guard.  Kyle didn’t strike much which was surprising.

Kyle got up to try to get a better position and ended up taking Andy’s back with a weak body lock on him, but then transitioned to planting his hooks. He was able to lock in a rear naked choke for the win.

Koscheck was pretty upset about it and started to kicking things. Josh walked out before the announcement was made.  He was able to gain control before he spoke with Andy.

It was a pretty good episode. Nothing out of control yet, but they showed scenes that still haven’t happened.  Bruce LeeRoy looks like his is trying to get hit, but we’ll see what happens.

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