Arachnophobia Experience

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Ever since I watched the movie Arachnophobia I have always been weary 0of spiders in the shower.   It isn’t like I though they would come out of the drain and the shower head like in the movie, but I was always suspicious that one would jump on me if I turned my back.

There was a spider a spider hanging around the shower for a couple days. I would blow on it and it would come towards me instead of running away.  The steam would usually chase it away.

This morning it wasn’t moving anywhere. I blew on it and it would hunker down and then move towards me when I stopped. Since the movie this wasn’t the first time since a spider has been in the shower and I have never seriously thought I would have an Arachnophobia moment.

So there I was keeping an eye on that spider. I noticed it put its legs together on either side and I thought jokingly to myself that it was getting ready to pounce.

I turned my back and seconds later I looked down and saw the spider curled up in the water on its way to the drain.  I couldn’t help smiling at the effort the little spider went through to get me.

Now that I have proof that spiders attack while in the shower make sure you protect yourself from the spiders, the next one may not miss.


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