Will Marc Stevens Get Caught in Another Guillotine?

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Alex Caceras has a hurt back so he hasn’t been training like the others. He stretches his back while the others are working hard. That is really going to hurt him when and if he fights.

The wild card decision upset a lot of people. Mark Stevens was choked out in 18 seconds. There were other fighters who put on a better fight than he did. Dana wanted to pick the best fighters on paper and not go off of their fights.

Koscheck was poking a stick and Medic Tate again. They started messing around and Josh was trying to poke him with a plunger and Tate was blocking with a garbage can.

There is a lot of tension between Alex “Bruce LeeRoy” Caceras and everybody else.  Everyone wants to fight him next.  We’ll find out who the lucky one will be.

The fight between Aaron Wilkinson and Marc Stevens will be a good fight. Marc showed that he doesn’t have a ground game.  He can punch hard, but that is about all we have seen.

Aaron is better on the ground, so if it goes there Aaron will win.  During the weigh in Josh pantsed Brad Tate and he.  Brad finally got under Joshes skin and Josh went up to Brad and put on a rape choke.

Koscheck was talking about how he doesn’t associate with guys like that, but it was Josh that started it all. I thought it was pretty funny. At least he admitted that Tate got under his skin.

Dane tried to separate them and Josh stuck his hand in Dane’s face to get away.  Josh claims he doesn’t really know who was doing what and went after Dane when he stormed off and semi-apologized. I was happy he at least did that.

Since Team GSP has 5 and Team Koscheck has 3, two teammates on GSP will have to fight each other.  Georges St-Pierre decided to have everyone write down the person they would want to fight on the team if they can’t fight someone from Team Koscheck.  Micheal Johnson wanted to fight Alex and Alex actually wrote down Michael, so if GSP has a say, they will each other.

The fight is getting ready to start and I want Aaron to win it. He is a better example of a good sport. He doesn’t have a hot head and talk a bunch of trash like Marc. Let’s face it, Aaron put on a better show in his last fight than Marc did.

The fighters know each other and have trained with each other. They started off pretty slow, just feeling each other out.

Marc scored a leg kick and went in for the take down. He got side control and then moved to a full mount. Aaron rolled over giving Marc his back then rolled back into full mount.

It went from full mount to the back a few times, but so far Marc was controlling the fight.

Aaron finally was able to get away, but Marc had his arm. Aaron was able to  to get his arm away, but he kept his head in to be threatened by a triangle.

Aaron wasn’t listening to his corner and kept his head there for the triangle.  The round ended, but I think Marc won that round. Aaron wasn’t able to completely get away from him.

The second round started and Aaron needed to step up and win this round.  He did come out swinging more, but didn’t land anything solid.  He went for a knee and Marc caught it and went to the ground with Aaron.  Aaron had him in a guillotine. Marc couldn’t get away and tapped.

Looking at the choke, it looked like he tapped early. I have seen tighter guillotines and the fighter didn’t tap.  I think he was scared once he got in that choke again and quit.  He won the first round and probably would have won the second if he would have gotten away.

The coaches met with Dana to pick the quarter finals. GSP wanted Alex and Michael to fight. Josh used it to find out the weaknesses and strengths of Team GSP fighters.

The fights will be:

Jonathan Brookins vs. Sako

Cody vs Nam Phan

Kyle Watson vs Aaron Wilkinson

Michael Johnson vs Bruce LeeRoy

Josh Koscheck was mad about the last two fights.  I can’t wait to see the Michael Johnson vs Alex Caceras fight.

Next week there will be two fights. Jonathan and Sako will be a good fight. Josh thinks Jonathan is the number one fighter.  I think he will win his fight.

Between Cody and Nam I think Cody will win. Nam has better stand up, but Cody is a guillotine expert and once he grabs on, the fight is over.

My guess is that Team Koscheck will not make it so the Semifinals.

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