What? Team Koscheck Scores a Win

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This episode started out with Team Koscheck.  Josh seems to really care about the fighters and it was nice to see. He brought in Jon Fitch to help them train and the team appreciated it.

Alex Carreras put bleach in the fabric softener. His teammate Michael Johnson used it and got pretty upset with him.  Everyone is tired of his pranks.

George St-Pierre brought in Jean Charles Skarbowsky, a Muay Thai Kickboxer to help train. He has a different discipline than everyone else.  He was drunk apparently and just beat up all the fighters without breaking a sweat.

Alex or Bruce LeeRoy continued to talk trash. He is playing the victim saying how everyone is against him. The other fighters try to help him out, but he wants to be the victim.  It is frustrating, because in the beginning of the show he seemed like a funny, happy-go-lucky guy. Now he is annoying.

Spencer Paige from Team GSP and Nam Phan from Team Koscheck were picked for the next fight.

For this fight I think Spencer Paige to win. Nam had a good fight, but he didn’t look like a solid fighter.

Spencer is a good stand up fighter, but isn’t very good on the ground. His strategy is to stay on his feet and knock Nam out.

Nam will want to take Spencer to the ground and finish him through some ground and pound, but he is a striker as well.  Nam has better conditioning so if it goes three rounds he will have a good chance of winning.

Chuck Liddel came in to hang out with Team Koscheck to help motivate them.

The fight began and Spencer came out pushing the pace, but Nam countered when he could.  Spencer landed a leg kick that dropped Nam, but he jumped right up.  Nam landed a strike and dropped Spencer to return the favor, but Spencer got up before anything else happened.

After Spencer was dropped he was no longer pressing the action. Nam was pushing forward and Spencer would strike or kick as he backed away.

Spencer already looked gassed with two minutes left in the first round. Nam doesn’t look like he is sweating yet.  Nam caught Spencer’s kick and dropped him.  This time he stood above him and dropped bombs.

Spencer didn’t look like he knew what to do on his back. All he did is up kick.. Nam finally went to the ground and tried to submit Spencer. Spencer would not tap, but it looked like his arm was hurt.

Nam broke Spencer and now it looks like Nam has this fight. He won the first round.

The second round began with Nam pressing forward with much more confidence. Spencer still through strikes and kicks, but they didn’t have the same power they had at the beginning of the first round.

Spencer landed a kick to the head that seemed to hurt Nam. He was able to follow up with some strikes, but no more damage.

Spencer would fall when he kicked to the head and the third time Nam jumped on him. This time Spencer was able to get up.

With about a minute twenty left Spencer seemed to get a spark of life, but it only lasted for a couple kicks and then he was back to his tired self.  He has to finish strong or Nam is taking the fight.

Spencer just looked like he was hurt.  I couldn’t tell if it was a rib or arm, but something seemed injured.

The fight ended and I gave it to Nam. The judges agreed and gave the win to Nam.

Josh was really happy with the win and, of course, talked some trash. Apparently the cockiness transferred to his team. We’ll see what happens in the next episode which will feature two fights.

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