The Ultimate Fighter Finale Winner Is…

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Season 12 TUF Ultimate Finale.

Nam Phan has the opportunity to fight a UFC fighter. Usually they fight other fighters from the house, but this time he is fighting Leonard Garcia who has fought in the UFC several times before.

The fight was better than I thought it would be. I’m not familiar with Leonard Garcia so I couldn’t say who I thought would win.  They both had some rocking strikes. I thought Nam won the first round.

Garcia picked up the pace for the second round, but it didn’t last long before Nam was able to get back into rhythm.  Nam teed off on Garcia and almost had a TKO, but Garcia was able to curl up. Nam was able to get his back, but Garcia was able to defend against the choke. Nam won the second round.

The third round started like the second. Leonard was aggressive and wore himself out and then Nam started in. Garcia was tired and Nam took  advantage  of it. This round didn’t have a clear winner. Nam Phan was robbed and lost to Leonard Garcia by split decision. I personally don’t think Nevada should use ice skating judges anymore to judge MMA.

I was impressed with Leonard Garcia after the fight. He is a good sport even with the crowd booing him.

Johny Hendricks vs Rick Story was up next.  Rick Story won 29-28. It was an even fight.

Cody McKenzie vs Aaron Wilkinson. Cody went in quick and attacked the neck of Aaron. Remember Cody is a guillotine expert.  He forced the tap out in about two minutes.  The thing is he didn’t even have it locked in under the chin, but he was squeezing and twisting his head enough to break something if he didn’t tap.

Demian Maia vs Kendall Grove. It wasn’t a close fight, but Demian Maia didn’t finish it and left it to the judges. The judges called it 29-28 for Demian Maia.

Stephan Bonnar vs Igor Pokrajac. Bonnar controlled all three rounds and won despite losing a point.

Michael Johnson vs Jonathan Brookins.  The fight we have been waiting for. Michael Johnson is quick and strong. He has improved a lot over the course of the show and he likely improved since the show. If it stays up, he will win.  If it goes to the ground, Jonathan will win.

Jonathan Brookins is excellent on the ground. His stand up is decent, but Johnson is better in that area.  I want Brookins to win and I think he will.

The fight started and Johnson landed some jabs. Brookins leaves his head straight up and doesn’t tuck in his chin.  He will get knocked out that way.

Jonathan had Michael up against the fence, but couldn’t take him down.  Johnson is looking his best. He is quick and landing the strikes.  Michael tagged Brookins and dropped him.  Jonathan wrapped up and was able to save himself.

Michael tagged him again and landed several knees. He is really working over Jonathan Brookins. Michael Johnson has really worked on his cardio. He is a completely different fighter from that last time we saw him.

Michael Johnson clearly won the first round. The second round was more of the first. Jonathan Brookins was still standing straight up with his chin out, but he was able to take Johnson own and get on top. He landed a couple good strikes on top.  This is Jonathan’s element and Michael has to get up or it could end here.

Jonathan did an excellent job of keeping Michael down and dropping some elbows. Michael got out with a minute and a half left, but Jonathan was able to take him down again and drop more elbows.  This round was all Jonathan Brookins. Time ran out before he was able to get a submission. It is 1-1 now.

The third and final round will decide the winner of The Ultimate Fighter season 12.  Jonathan went for a take down.  If he can get Michael down he will win. If Michael can stay up, he will win.

Jonathan did get him down, but was fighting for control. He used up a lot of energy trying to get Johnson on his back.  Brookins was able to mount Johnson up against the fence, but Johnson reversed and stood  up.  Brookins did a lateral drop and ended up on top. This is where he will win if he can stay busy with his ground and pound.  He has to do some damage to lock in the win.

Jonathan Brookins started to drop some elbows to make sure they wouldn’t be stood up.  The fight ended with Jonathan Brookins on top and, in my opinion, won the fight.

The judges came back with a score of  29-28 for Jonathan Brookins.  Michael Johnson had an awesome first round, but Jonathan had a superior ground game and better conditioning.

Jonathan Brookins really needs to work on his stand up if he wants to go far in the UFC. I am sure his coaches will understand that and help him. If he can improve at boxing, he will be great.

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