The Semifinals Are Decided on The Ultimate Fighter

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This week Kyle Watson and Aaron Wilkinson will be fighting first.  Kyle is better on the ground so if he can bring the fight down, he will win. It if stays up, Aaron will probably win.

Aaron had a loss in this competition and that can really motivate a person.  He has a good chance of winning the fight, but I want Kyle to win.

The fight started with Kyle throwing leg kicks and looking for an opening. He found one and took Aaron down. Aaron didn’t do anything offensive.

Kyle was in Aaron’s half guard and was working on getting the side mount. He got the side mount and Aaron was able to stand up. He didn’t get away though and Kyle brought him down again ending up in a full mount.

Surprisingly, Kyle didn’t do any ground and pound from the full mount. He did work his way onto Aaron’s back. He had him in a body lock and was going for the rear naked choke. He had it, but Aaron’s chin was in there to prevent the choke. The neck popped out and Kyle won by tap out.

I felt bad for Aaron. He really didn’t show up to the fight. All he did was tap Kyle with some little rabbit punches.

Next is Michael Johnson vs Alex “Bruce LeeRoy” Caceres. Freddy Roach, a professional boxing coach, came in to train with Team GSP. The team was excited about that, since he trains champions.

This is the fight we have been fighting for. Micheal is stronger, but he wasn’t impressive in his last fight. Alex is a clown and really annoying, but he is a good fighter and can win the fight.  I don’t think either fighter belongs in the finals because they both are in need of attitude adjustments.

Josh Koscheck is supporting Alex. He thinks Georges threw Alex under the bus, but that isn’t what happened. They wanted to fight and GSP said if two fighters pick each other he will do what he can to get them to fight.

The fight began. Alex had a strategy of hit and run. Micheal’s strategy was take him down and let him up to break him.

Micheal was able to take Alex down quick. Alex got up without much damage. Micheal clocked Alex and knocked his mouth piece out.

Micheal got another take down. So far his is dominating the fight.  He hasn’t done any damage when he had Alex on the ground. The take down does score points, but if he can’t score points on the ground, it will boost Alex’s confidence.

Alex got up again and let his hands go. He had some good strikes, but so did Micheal.

Alex tripped and Micheal jumped on top. As usual, Mike didn’t do any damage and Alex got up.

The first round ended and I have to give it to Micheal. Alex did good the last half, but Micheal did more damage and had the take downs.

The second round started and Alex needed to attack. He did come out a little more aggressive, but he was a little too ambitious and tried some funky move which failed and Micheal ended up on top. Fortunately for Alex, Micheal still hasn’t learned how to ground and pound.

He did throw more punches the longer they were on the ground. He looked like he was going for a guillotine and Alex got up. Alex went to the ground and Micheal got his back. Alex was able to roll him off and for the first time Alex was on top, but it didn’t last long and Micheal got up.

Micheal then took Alex down again, but couldn’t’ do much damage. Alex has to win by knock out or submission because Micheal is winning this round too.  He doesn’t do much damage on the ground, but he has several take downs and does damage when they trade punches.

Alex got up and Micheal took him down again where the fight ended. Micheal won unless the judges watched a different fight. I felt myself routing for Alex for some reason. It was a good fight. Alex was quicker, but Micheal was stronger and imposed his will.

I thought it was a good fight. The fighters worked out their issues and I think their beef is over.  They respect each other now. Josh Koscheck was upset about it.

The coaches picked the semifinals fight pretty quick.  It will be Jonathan Brookins vs Kyle Watson and Micheal Johnson vs Nam Phan. I thought Dana would have wanted Jonathan and Kyle to meet in the finals, but Koscheck needs a guy to go all the way to the end.

I think the finals will be Jonathan Brookins vs Nam Phan. It will be a great show next time.

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