The Happiest Day For Josh Koscheck on The Ultimate Fighter

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Two fights in this episode.  Sako Chivitchian vs Jonathan Brookins will be the first match.  Sako is a judo expert, but in his last fight he didn’t look like his judo was that great.

Jonathan is supposedly the favorite to win. He looks like he has good jiu jitsu, but we didn’t get to see too much in his fights, because they didn’t last long.  I want Brookins to win because he is on Team GSP and he seems like a good sport that doesn’t talk trash.

The fight started with Sako being aggressive. Jonathan went in for the take down and tried to take Sako’s back, but Sako trained for that and put Jonathan’s back into the fence.

Sako attempted a judo throw and Jonathan ended up on top and went for the rear naked choke. Sako was able to defend against it for a little while, but Jonathan was patient and locked it in forcing Sako to tap.

Sako knew what was going to happen and they trained for it, but Jonathan is the real deal and got it in under 2 minutes.

Next up is Cody McKenzie vs Nam Phan.  This is a difficult fight because Nam is a humble guy who doesn’t swear and I would like to see him win, but he is on Team Koscheck. He is a better all around fighter, but Cody is an expert at one move, the guillotine.

Cody likes to tease Josh Koscheck and is the only one on the team that does so, but he is a good guillotine fighter.  If he grabs Nam’s head, the fight will be over.  If Nam can keep his head out of Cody’s arm pit, Nam will win.

Nam didn’t sound too confident in his pre-fight interview. He compared Cody to Randy Couture and other top fighters.  He said maybe Cody will lose now.

The fight started and Cody followed his game plan and listened to his corner. He drove Nam into the fence and tried to take him to the ground. Nam was able to fight it off, but Cody was still able to keep him against the fence.

Cody finally got Nam down, but was in Nam’s guard. Cody scooted Nam against the fence and started to try to ground and pound, but Nam got up and broke away.

Cody was persistent and got Nam against the fence again. Nam had good defense, but you can’t win a decision on defense.

Cody was tired with a minute left and Nam stepped up his boxing game and hit Cody a few times pretty solid.

The round ended and I think Cody won because he controlled the fight most of the time. Nam did land some solid punches, but I there weren’t enough of them.

Nam came out in the second round stronger than he did in the first. He knew he had to win the round to move on.  Cody was visibly tired, but he was still in the fight.  He couldn’t control Nam like he could in the first round, but he still went after him.

Nam looked like a different fighter in the second round. Cody couldn’t hold on to him and Nam was punching and kicking all the time. He had some good combinations and Cody looked finished.

Then Nam punched him in the ribs and it looked like he broke one. Cody dropped and the fight was over.  This is probably the fight Josh Koscheck wanted to win more than anything.

Josh is going to let Cody hear about this for the rest of his time in the house. No doubt about that.  Cody deserves the trash talk that he is going to get.

I am happy for Nam and I think he deserved the win.  I feel bad for Cody, but he was cocky about it.  And he needed a piece of humble pie.

Next week we see Aaron Wilkinson vs Kyle Watson and Michael Johnson vs Alex Caceres. I think they will both be good fights to watch.

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