The Finals Are Decided on The Ultimate Fighter

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This week Jeremy Brookins and Kyle Watson are fighting in the semifinals first. I still thought this was should have been the final fight, so it should be a good fight.

They are on the same team so they know how each other fight which will also make for a good fight.

On Team Koscheck, the coaches have all but quit. Some of the fighters are really upset with the lack of training.  At the house Koscheck Jr had a little to drink and was imitating him.

In walks Koscheck while Marc Stevens is mimicking him. Josh let it go because Marc was drinking.  I think it helped Josh wake up and realize he let his team down.

Nam Phan seems to have let his victory go to his head. He talks about people behind their back from what the other fighters are saying.

The fight between Kyle and Jonathan starts. I would like to see Jonathan win it and move on to the finals, but Kyle would be an honorable winner as well.

They started feeling each other out and throwing jabs. Kyle landed a leg kick that turned Jonathan.  Jonathan went in for the take down and ate a knee along with a few strikes.

Jonathan went for another take down and got it, but wasn’t able to do anything and Kyle got up, but not away.  Kyle was able to land a couple knees and break away.

Jonathan got another take down with Kyle against the fence. Kyle is a good jiu jitsu guy so he had good defense. Jonathan slowly worked on improving his position and didn’t do much ground and pound.

He finally ended up in Kyle’s guard and that is when he let his hands fly.  I think Jonathan stole that round because of the two take downs and the ending flurry of strikes he had that were close to knocking Kyle out.

The second round started like the first with jabs and dancing around. Jonathan went for a take down quicker and kept after it until he got it.

He was back in Kyle’s guard, but this time he wasn’t against the fence. Jonathan pushed Kyle against the fence and landed a few good strikes.

Kyle pushed him off, but gave up his back and Jonathan pounced. He wasn’t able to get any hooks in as Kyle slowly turned and protected his back.  Jonathan landed some good elbows, but Kyle was able to turn around and lay on his back.

There was a lot of fighting for position, but not a lot of striking from either fighter. With two seconds left, Kyle got up. Jonathan won that round. Kyle has to knock out or submit Jonathan to win the fight now.

The final round began and they are both tired. Kyle looked a little slower, but he drove in as the aggressor. Jonathan turned him around into the fence and Kyle broke away with a knee.

Jonathan went for a take down and got it with Kyle sitting against the fence. Kyle got up and landed a few good strikes, but Jonathan countered with a pretty nice slam.

It looked like Jonathan’s strategy this round was take Kyle down and stay on top until the round was over.  He elected to lay on Kyle rather than ground and pound or improve his position for a submission.

The round ended and Jonathan clearly won 30-27.  Jonathan Brookins will win the finals.

Kyle did well defending himself from submissions and started off strong, but Jonathan dominated him in the end.

Next episode.

Nam Phan has separated himself from his team and his team doesn’t like him. It is too bad. I like how he was a graceful winner.  Josh Koscheck really wants Nam to win to save face.

Nam Phan and Michael Johnson are fighting next. I think Michael is stronger than Nam, but Nam is a better all around fighter in my opinion.

Nam doesn’t have the respect of his team and that could have really effected his training. Nobody wanted to train with him so he was by himself.  That could give Michael the advantage.  He has both teams routing for him.

The fight started and they went for it. Michael got the quick take down, but Nam did throw elbows the entire time. Michael let him up and took him down again. He let him up after it was clear he took him down.

Nam caught Michael’s leg and Michael went down. Nam landed some good strikes, but Michael continued his strategy of take him down and let him up.

The good thing about this fight is both look like they want to win.

Michael looks better in this fight than his previous fights. He landed strike after strike and he stayed busy. Nam was getting worked over.

Can Michael continue the pace? He didn’t have good cardio in past fights and Nam has endurance.

Michael cut Nam’s right eye and blood was pouring down. It was affecting his vision, but he didn’t quit.

The round ended and Michael won. I think they were both tired and I don’t think Michael can keep the pace he had in the first round. The next round could give us the winner.

The second round started slower and Michael applied the pressure, but Nam was able to fight the take downs. He landed some good strikes and body shots.

Michael looked like he was going to get a take down, but Nam ended up on top and let his hands go.  He let Michael up and that may have been the confidence Nam needed. Michael wasn’t able to score much after that and Nam connected a lot more.

There wasn’t a clear victor of the second round. It could have gone either way.  I think Michael landed more so I would give it to him.

The third and final started. If Nam won the last round then the winner of this round wins the fight.

Michael was aggressive again and got the take down pretty quick. He ended up in Nam’s guard. Nam was busy and through elbows.

Nam got up and Michael went after him. Michael took him down again, but Nam got up pretty quick. Nam has to do something to convince the judges because Michael is controlling the pace of the fight.

Michael kept the pressure and won the majority of the exchanges. They were both tired at the end and Michael won. At best Nam won one round.

The judges came back with the results and it is a split decision. Michael Johnson won. I think he deserved it. He has improved a lot over the weeks and I am really impressed with how well he did.

Jonathan Brookins and Michael Johnson will fight in the finals. If the fight were to happen right away, I would give it to Jonathan Brookins. There will be time for the fighters to train at home before the finals and Michael Johnson has really improved over the course of the show.

Michael Johnson is stronger than Jonathan, but Jonathan is a better fighter so it could go either way.

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