Team Koscheck Scores Two Wins on The Ultimate Fighter

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This episode started it with the last fight announcement which will be Dane Sayers vs Sako Chivitchian.

For this fight I give it to Sako. Dane fought okay, but he didn’t look like he had a lot of skill compared to the other fighters.

Sako is a judo expert and will want to take it to the ground. If it goes there, which it probably will, he will win.  If they stay on there feet, Dane has a slight chance of winning.  Apparently Dane has heavy hands so he could knock out Sako, which is the only way he will win.

Brad Tate is a medic for team GSP and Koscheck started going after him.  Brad was getting upset and Josh was loving it.

Both of the fighters have a reason to be there and both really want it.  Sako has the ability to go all the way to the finals with his ground game.

The coaches challenge was a home run derby. Georges is from Canada and hasn’t played baseball before.

The get 10 pitches and 3 innings. One point if they hit it over the first fence, three points if it goes over the second fence, and 5 points if they hit a homerun.

Josh was up first and scored 7 points.  Georges started off pretty week  which is understandable since he hasn’t even held a bat before. He ended up with 3 points after the first inning.

Josh scored 9 the second inning and GSP scored 7.  16 to 10 going into the last inning.

Koscheck did great and got 18 points. GSP missed every ball and scored 0.  Josh Koscheck won.  This is his second win of the show.

This time Dane agreed to touch hands at the beginning of the fight.  They started pretty quick. Sako went in and Dane tried to pull him in a guillotine, which Sako was able to escape.

Luckily for Dane, he was able to stand up.  His strategy should be to strike, but he was fighting like he wanted to take him down.  To his credit Sako couldn’t take him down.

Hmm. Dane didn’t seem to do much. Sako was going after him, but Dane would back away. He would only engage when he was against the fence. His corner told him not to lock his hands and all he would do is lock his hands and try to take Sako down.

Dane went in for a take down. That really surprised me.  He would have got it, but Sako grabbed the fence.

The round ended and nothing really happened, but I gave it to Sako since he punched Dane and Dane didn’t throw many strikes at all.  Dane has to win this round decisively or Sako wins.

They both came out strong. Sako took Dane down, but he got up. Sako then took him down again and this time he stayed.

I thought the round would end that way, but Dane was able to get back to his feet once he decided to.  Not much damage was done when he was on the ground, but Dane has to do something to sway the judges.

One of the trainers said Dane has the heaviest hands, but he would throw any punches in this fight. He was content to hug Sako instead.

Dane almost took Sako down again, but like last time Sako grabbed the fense and it saved him.

I think Dane’s corner should explain that the winner isn’t decided by who hugs the longest, because that seemed to be his strategy.

Dane had good take down defense and Sako was not as impressive as I expected. I thought Sako won both rounds although the first round didn’t have much action. The judges agreed and gave Sako the win.

Based on this performance, I don’t see Sako making it to the finals.  He was funny at the end. He said if you want to take him down you have to take off his head.  He would have been taken down twice, but he grabbed the fence both times which saved him.

Dane wasn’t expected by anyone to win, but he did fight a defensive fight and it went to the judges.

The wild card was announced and it will be Aaron Wilkinson vs Marc Stevens.   I agree with Aaron. He fought well and deserves another chance.  Marc Stevens did knock out his first opponent, but he was also choked out in less than 20 seconds in his next fight.

It will be a good fight either way, but based on their last fights I thought a couple other fighters deserved to be there before Marc.

Scenes from the next episode show Koscheck rape choke Brad the medic.  That will be interesting to see.

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