Team Koscheck is Silenced on The Ultimate Fighter

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Team Koscheck won and when the team got back to the house they were yelling and screaming.  They were really rubbing it in. The problem was that Team GSP has won 3.

Josh Koscheck came to the house to help antagonize the other team. Micheal Johnson made it easy for them by talking back. They knew they were getting under his skin and went after him.

The fight pick was Marc Stevens vs. Cody McKenzie. After the stare down, Cody flicked Koscheck’s nose. I thought that was disrespectful, but Cody likes to give Josh a hard time. Josh does it quite a bit.

Cody is 11-0 and has one move, the guillotine.  He is good at it and can apply it different ways.  Marc is a good fighter and if he can keep it on their feet he will win.  If it goes to the ground, Cody will likely win.

This is the match-up of trash talkers. Marc has been given the nickname of lil Koscheck because he tries to imitate him and they knew each other before the show. Whoever wins this fight will really run his mouth.

I want Cody to win this fight, but I don’t like how he jabs the other team. I like the sportsmen on the show that are respectful in victory.

The round starts and Cody runs out swinging. Marc takes hims to the ground and Cody catches him in a guillotine and finishes the fight in under 20 seconds. Marc was the number one pick.

That was awesome!  I am glad Cody didn’t celebrate immediately after the fight. He was respectful and a good sport. Georges St-Pierre requested his team be respectful after the win.  He explained that it is a strategy. If you are nice and respectful they will expect you to come out soft and slow in the fight.

Koscheck’s locker room it was silent.

The next fight is Jonathan Brookins vs. Sevak Magakian.  This is a tough one to call.  Sevak really wants to fight Bruce LeeRoy and I would love to see that fight.

Brookins is good on the ground.  While GSP was training him they bumped heads and GSP got a cut on his eyebrow.

Sevak is a scrapper and has been training all his life.

I think Sevak will win this fight, but I want Team GSP to win so it is tough.

The fight started and they both bounced in front of each other for a while then engaged. It went to the ground pretty quick and Jonathan ended up on top. Not much happened and Sevak got up. Jonathan jumped on his back and got his hooks in.

Jonathan finally got his arm around the neck and Sevak fell down in the rear naked choke.  Another quick fight.  I underestimated Brookins.  He is a good fighter and he is a respectful winner.

I think it is humiliating for Koscheck to lose two fights in a row so quick, especially after all the trash he and his team talked after the one win.  There is one fight left before the prelims so Josh might get out with 2 wins.

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