Mike Tyson Visits The Ultimate Fighter

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Bruce LeeRoy got drunk after the fight and was talking about it to Jeff and rubbing it in.  He was talking about it too much.  The other fighters were getting sick of hearing him.

In GSP’s training they seemed to be learning and they didn’t show anybody complaining and giving up. In Koscheck’s training, some of the fighters seemed to be complaining and quiting. It was making Josh mad.  He talked to them and it seemed to get them to finish training.

If the team is quiting like that in practice it will be hard for them to finish when they fight.

George St-Pierre picked the next fight and choose Michael Johnson versus Aaron Wilkinson.  Michael is the favorite so this will be interesting.  Aaron is pretty good so this will be a great fight to watch.

Koscheck played a prank on GSP.  They parked their cars right next to his car on either side so he couldn’t open any of his doors.  George was still able to squeeze in and get his car out.

Watching Wilkinson’s training it looks like Wilkinson is a better striker than Johnson.  Johnson has better ground and pound. If Wilkinson can keep it on their feet, he will probably win.  If it goes to the ground Johnson will probably win.

In this fight I am picking Wilkinson to win. He seems more confident and he is quicker. I want GSP to win the whole thing though.

Mike Tyson came to talk to Team GSP.  Mike is getting old, but he is a legend.

The round started and Aaron threw some strikes. That woke Michael up and he returned the strikes and then took Aaron down. He wasn’t able to do much on the ground and Aaron got back up.

After trading punches, Michael took Aaron down with a nice take down. Aaron got back up pretty quick but took some punishment along the way.  Aaron pushed Michael up against the fence and then was able to score a take down himself.

Michael just laid there. He didn’t try to get up while Aaron dropped elbows on his face. After a bit more than a minute, Michael finally moved and pulled Aaron into his guard.

The round ended and Aaron stole the round with the take down and pounding he gave Michael.

The second round started with Michael landing a solid strike. It phased Aaron for a second, but Michael didn’t do anything with it and they wrapped up.

Aaron made a mistake and tried to take Michael down in his guard.  Micheal tried to get him in a choke, but couldn’t hold him.  Aaron got out and then took Michael down just like in the first round.

This time Michael didn’t lay there and he got up and then immediately took Aaron down.  He pounded him for a little bit, but Aaron got up.

They both were really tired and didn’t have anything behind their punches.  Michael has to win this round if he wants a chance of winning the fight.

Michael pushed Aaron up against the fence, but didn’t do too much damage. Aaron broke away and then pushed Michael up against the fence attempting to take him down. Michael was able to stuff the take down and the round ended.

It was a tough call. I think it was too close to call and would have to go to a third round.  The judges gave it to Michael and they are going to a third round.

They were both so tired. It all comes down to who wants it more. Michael came out swinging and took Aaron down. He had more energy than he did in the first round.

He pounded Aaron  and then got him in a rear naked choke. Michael wanted it more. It reminded me of the training they showed where Koscheck’s team quit during practice.

I think Michael wanted to win in front of Mike Tyson. That third round was a completely different fighter. The first two rounds showed someone that was slow and lacked confidence.  The third round was great.

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