You Have To Use The Right Tool

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use_the_right_toolI was picking my daughter up from preschool today and saw the funnest thing I have seen in a while.  The next door neighbor was beating a mattress with a spatula!  She was trying to dust it off I think, but it was very ineffective.  I wish I had a camera at that moment.

She laid the mattress on her driveway and picked up one corner of it.  Then the hand previously hidden came into view wielding a spatula which she used to wail on the mattress a couple times before realizing it didn’t have any significant effect.

She then placed it down beside her and proceeded to hit the mattress with her now empty hand which didn’t last long before she wore tired of hitting it.  She dropped the mattress and went inside.

I wasn’t there long enough to see what her next weapon of choice would be, but it made me think about how we choose the tools we use for different tasks.

Choosing the right tool involves some planning.  First, you need to decide on your desired outcome and then you can better plan on how to proceed.

Once you know what the tool needs to do you can go through a variety of tools to find the one that will work best for your situation.  There could be several tools that can accomplish the result, but you need to choose one that will work for you and you are comfortable using.

For example, a broom or baseball bat would work better and beating the bust out of an old mattress than a spatula, but if you wanted to dust off a fine lace tablecloth, a spatula might be a more delicate tool for the job.

Whatever the job whether it is Internet marketing, teaching, building, or baking using the right tools will help you get better results quicker and nobody will laugh at your from their car.


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