The Power Of Checklists

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checking them off the listI often use checklist to help get done more in my day.  I write down the 6 most important tasks I want to accomplish and then check them off as they are complete. I often complete my list by noon.

Have you ever made a daily checklist? Did you know that the act of checking off an item actually produces a chemical response releasing endorphins?  Have you ever done something that wasn’t on the checklist and then written it down and checked it off?

Checklists give us a sense of completion and from that we gain satisfaction.  We can see what we accomplished and don’t feel like our time was wasted.

Here is a thought. Instead of a list of things to do or a “To-Do” list why not create a “To-Be” list?  A list of things to become may not be able to be checked off everyday, but by writing down who you want to become you will put into motion the necessary steps to accomplish that list.

On my facebook status I put, “Instead of a To-Do list I’ll create a To-Be list.”  One of the comments stuck out to me.  Here it is:

I’m going to make a Not-To-Be list.

I am sure it was written out of fun and not seriousness, but where would your focus be placed if you made a Not-To-Be (NTB) list?  You would focus on everything you do not want to be!

Let’s say that one item on the NTB list is “Not to be angry”. Is not being angry the same as being happy?  Absolutely not.  Just like not being fat isn’t the same as being healthy.

Many would argue that if your list consisted of Not to be angry, Not to be fat, and Not to be poor you would end up being a fat angry broke, because our unconscious mind does not understand negative words like no, not, etc. It hears be angry, be fat, be poor.

To-Do lists help you cover all the things you deem important. A To-Be list helps you become the person you can be proud of.


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