How Bad Do You Want Your Desire?

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Man, have I got to pee! I was at a convention center that I have never been to before. It was a rather long drive and with all the water I had been drinking lately, I really had to go. I entered the doors and looked around. Usually the restrooms are near the front doors aren’t they?

I went up and down the hall way looking in every door opening for that restroom. I couldn’t find it anywhere. I ran up some nearby stairs hoping I would find it at the top, but there was nothing there. Nothing I was looking for anyway.  I was certain I was going to find that restroom.  I knew there was one in the enormous building.

Finally when I only had seconds to spare I decided to give in and ask somebody. I found the first worker I could and he politely directed me to the restroom. I listen to his directions carefully, because I didn’t have time to take a wrong turn.

Off I went turning where he said to turn and counting doors before the next turn. Finally I found the restroom!

What a relief! As I walked out of the restroom and started to find my way to the conference room I noticed what a lovely building the convention center really was. They put a lot of time and money into details and they did a wonderful job.

They had live plants inside that gave the area a clean, fresh smell and was quite relaxing. I was amazed that I missed all this when I first entered the building, but I did have something more pressing on my mind, or bladder.

I was reminded of this while talking to a good friend about some goals she had. She said that she had some great goals and was really excited about them, but as soon as anything didn’t go her way she would give up and go back to old routines.

I thought for a second and then asked her if it was like this: I then walked over to a closed door with my head held high and confident. As I approached the door and saw it was closed, I immediately dropped my head and slumped my shoulders over and in a defeated voice without touching the door know said, “Oh well, the door is closed. I wanted to leave the room, but I can’t since the door is stopping me.”
I then turned to her and asked her if that is what it is like. She quickly cheered up and exclaimed, “Yes! That is exactly what it is like. I get to the door and don’t know what to do next.”

I suggested that she turn the door knob and then pull. She replied that to do that she would have to get up out of her chair and walk all the way over to the door, then reach her hand out and decide which way to turn and then pull the door. But what if the door was locked or stuck? She would have wasted all the time getting up and walking to the door only to have to turn around and go back.

She was laughing and joking by this time, but there is truth in those words. It really made me think. How bad did she want to reach her goal if an untested closed door would stop her?

If she wanted to achieve her goal as bad as I wanted to find that restroom she would have knocked down that door if she had to in order to achieve her goal.

There is more to this story than the determination to achieving your desire.  In the first story, notice how I went about trying to find the restroom myself for quite some time before finally seek someone out that I thought could help me find what I wanted.

That is also an important part of achieving our goals.  I am sure I would have eventually found the restroom, but had I asked someone right away it would have saved me time, stress, and pain.

A mentor can guide us to our desire because he or she has done it before and knows how to get there. Sure you could do it by yourself, but having someone there to help you avoid the wrong turns will help you get where you want to go much faster.

How bad do you want your desire?  Will a closed door stop you or will you get it no matter what?


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