Hang in there!

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This statement is often used to motivate people to not give up. I have heard it my whole life for various reasons with out ever giving it a second thought.  That is until my grandmothers funeral a few months ago when a well-meaning aunt told me to hang in there.

I mighty change has occurred in my life and in my thought processes.  Before that change, hang in there was a cliche that held no meaning whatsoever to me.  After that change I realized that phrase does not inspire one to excel, but instead promotes stagnation.  If you are “hanging in there” are you bettering your position? Are you moving forward or growing? Are you living abundantly and being prosperous?  Not at all!  You are staying right where you are in your current situation hoping you don’t fall to your death.  Just like in the plant world, if you aren’t growing you are dying.  That isn’t very motivating to me.

Don’t “hang in there”!  Instead move forward and climb higher.  Don’t settle for mediocrity when abundance is within your reach!  And please don’t tell me to hang in there, instead take the advice of Spock: “Live long and prosper.”


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