Be a Hero or be a Villain

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Flash getting interviewedWhat do you think? Who is stronger, the hero or the villain? In fairy tales the hero always beats the villain, but in reality are they equally matched?

I was reading a report about a study done at Harvard where doing a good deed or an evil act can actually increase will power and physical endurance.

I thought that having a noble purpose would increase one’s abilities or at least swing their results in their favor.  I have always wondered how swindlers and others that seemed so dishonest to the point of evil were able to prosper and perform so well.

The article got me to reflect back on my life, specifically events or periods of time where everything was going my way.  I remember those times as positive and happy.  I felt like I was on a mission and what ever I need would be granted.

Where things going my way because I took on the role of the hero?  Was I trying to be the hero for my family and that is why things worked out better than other times when things were hard?

I believe in action and positive thinking in order to get the expected results. Without action all the thinking in the world is not going to feed you and your family. However, action alone will not always produce the expected results.

If I were a salesman knocking on doors trying to sell the latest and greatest product and my trainer told me that for every ten people that said no I would get one sale, I could knock on 100 doors and not make a sale if all I do is knock on a door simply for the sake of odds.

I like to play football just about every Saturday and one thing I noticed about myself is when I am on a team with players who are just okay, if I make the decision that I need to step up an be the best player, I do amazing. I can get open and catch tough throws.  When I am on a team with good players and I don’t feel that I need to “be the hero” I play average.  It isn’t that I don’t run as hard or try, but I think it comes down to whether or not I put myself in the role of the hero.

Going along with the football scenario a little longer the same is true on defense.  If I need to be the hero on defense (or the villain from the eyes of the offense), I can swat the ball down or intercept it many more times than in regular play when the other players are good.

In the study, participates were given a dollar and told they could keep it or donate it to charity. Those who donated the $1 could hold a 5lbs weight 10 seconds longer on average than those who kept the dollar.

A second study was done and participants were asked to hold a 5lbs weight and write a fictional story about them doing either something good for others, something that had no impact on others or something that harmed others. Those that wrote something good or harmed others were able to hold the weight longer than those who wrote something that had no impact on others.

It isn’t even the actual act that seems to be the trigger to grant one more strength, but instead the intent or even the thought about doing it.

In what ever situation you are in now whether it is financial, physical, or anything else. Be a hero. Decide right now that you are going to be the hero at work… at home… or wherever else a hero is needed.

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