Are cars people or objects?

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I was driving down I-15 on the way to work listening to the audio book for “Leadership and Self-Disception” when I just wondered how I viewed other people in those cars. Do I see cars or do I see people driving cars? Often I think I see cars in my way rather than people trying to get where they need to go just like me.

Cars or people in traffic?

Cars or people in traffic?

I wonder how many crashes we would have and how many incidents of “road rage” would occur if we drove down the road viewing the other cars as our neighbor instead of some annoying jerk, supposing you don’t view your neighbor that way. This can apply to other areas of our lives as well, like those rude telemarketers, dumb customers, irritating employees, bratty kids, etc.

Next time you find yourself annoyed with someone, remember they are a person too and may be annoyed with you!


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