The Teams Are Even After The Second Episode Of The Apprentice

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This episode was better than the previous.  The project managers were picked. On the men’s team Wade was able to deflect the responsibility once again by being the first to speak up and suggest someone. This time he said David said he would step up.  David had to step up at that time and he was the project manager.

On the women’s team, Poppy took on the role of project manager.

The task was to sell ice cream and the team that earns the most, wins.  On the men’s team David assigned James with the task of picking the location.  He chose Union Square and they took off selling.

They didn’t have an organized strategy and they didn’t start off very well.  They set their price at $3 for an ice cream sandwich.  They were very aggressive with their selling and scared a lot of people off.

Steuart and Anand were the clear salesmen on the team. Everyone contributed, but they were able to close more.

The women also chose Union Square. Poppy place Stephanie in charge of sales since she has a sales background.  Apparently she also has a background in mico-managing because she was criticizing everything the women did.

The two teams didn’t run into each other on the first day, but as the men tried out different spots the women moved into one of the the men’s old spots and started to do quite well. They set their price at $5.

James was concerned about the selling tactics and talked to David about it.  He brushed him off and nothing changed.  James and Alex went out to get some sort of uniform so they could look like a team. They brought back barber shop type striped vests and hats.

The women started off really slow, but picked up the pace by trying to sell cases instead of individual ice cream.  That worked out and they sold a few.  They also decided to get uniforms and chose pink tank tops and a large flower headband.

The men felt the area just wasn’t working and they moved to another location.  They did well there and made a lot of sales.

The second day the men decided to go back to their first spot which just happened to be where the women found success.  The men got their first and were selling. The women showed up and decided to set up right next to them. Teams fought over customers and the women ended up moving.

The didn’t move very far so the men started poaching their potential customers. The women started complaining about how childish and immature it was which I found amusing.  The women invaded the men’s area first and that was perfectly adult of them.  It gets better.

At the end of the day the women went back over to the men’s area and gave free ice cream to anyone the men tried to sell to. I guess that was revenge.

The points I think are important to take from this task are:

  1. In sales hunters always bag more sales than fishermen.  You have got to be a little aggressive, but not so much that you scare people off. Many people may want the ice cream, but might be too shy to go over to the cart and buy some, but if approached they just can’t say ‘no’.
  2. Have a uniform. If there are more than one of you, it is important to dress the same and send people out to direct traffic to your cart.   People will know you are part of a group and you will get more sales.
  3. Bulk sales might take more time than a single sale, but you will sell more in less time if you go after bulk sales. The women did this and the men did not.

In the board room Donald Trump asked Poppy who was the weakest member.  She didn’t want to answer, but finally said that Liza was less strong than everyone else.  I can’t disagree with her. In the task they set a firm price of $5 and Liza went out right away and said it is $5, but she can give it to them for $3. They lost sales because of this. Liza just didn’t know what to do.

Others on the team agreed and Trump said Liza, you’re fired!  Then he said just kidding.  I thought that was pretty mean. I think Trump was either high or he had to sleep on the coach the night before, because he was on one.

Mahsa was strategically quiet in this task which I think was very smart of her.  Trump asked her if she thinks her team won and she said she knows they won. Trump didn’t like that response and went on about how she can’t know and doesn’t know if they won. He said she should say she thinks they won.

I thought that was pretty silly of him which led me to believe that something was up with him.

He asked Gene if he thought the men won and Gene said absolutely which Trump took as “I absolutely know we won” and went off on Gene.

He announced that the women made $1800 and the men made $1500 so Gene was wrong. The women were dismissed and David decided to keep James and Alex. He said Alex was like a puppy and he had to spend too much time watching them both.  I was surprised that he brought James back since the men were happy with the locations he chose.

During the task the editing never showed David watching over James and Alex so I think everyone was surprised to hear his reason. The did sell the least amount of ice cream so he could have used that excuse instead of an insulting one, but that is David.

In the board room one false move and you are gone.  Trump asked Alex if he was in their league. He responded by saying he thinks he can be in their league, immediately following that he said he is in their league.

That did it for him and he was fired.

Back in the room with the women, Liza was still upset and called Poppy the B word when she tried to apologize and put it behind them. Everyone attacked her for that and now she will be next on the women’s hit list.

After the taxi ride of shame they showed us how Alex has since found his dream job of becoming a construction manager.  I like how they are doing that this season.  They do not, however, show the rewards like they had in the past.

In this show the smartest or most qualified does not win, it is the person that most closely resembles a scorpion. You have to be able to smile to your teammates’ face while simultaneously stabbing them in the back. That is what Trump wants to see and that is who stays.

That isn’t the way business should be and this show only adds to the hatred of capitalism because of it.

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