The Apprentice is Back and Disappointing as Ever

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The Apprentice is back with another season, but this time there are no celebrities.  Thank goodness.  I was so excited to watch this season, because there would be real people and I learned a lot from the previous seasons with real people fighting for a job.

Here are the candidates this season (they don’t list their last names this season): Alex, Anand, Brandy, Clint, David, Gene, James, Kelly, Liza, Mahsa, Nicole, Poppy, Stephanie, Steuart, Tyana, and Wade.

The season premier was a disappointment.  This has turned into a cut-throat no holds barred fight.  The Apprentice certainly had moments like this in the past, but this season most contestants are looking to protect themselves more than anything.

I completely understand where they are coming from. Donald Trump is known for firing people because they came up with an idea during a brain storming session that ended up losing or they didn’t fight hard enough even though the didn’t do anything wrong in the task.

I was really looking forward to seeing creativity and ingenuity, but instead I saw people making sure they pointed out others faults so their own wouldn’t seem so grand.

In the first episode the teams, boys against girls, were tasked with creating an ultra modern office space. Gene was appointed project manager of the men and they chose Octane for their name.

Nicole volunteered to be project manager of the women and they chose fortitude as their name.

It is always entertaining to watch the teams the first time they are together. On the men’s team a couple of them tried to establish their dominance by attempting to direct the conversations.  Nobody wanted to volunteer to be project manager and since Gene is the oldest Wade nominated him. I am sure he was thinking he would be easy to get rid of.

After decisions were made James, talking to the camera alone, expressed his surprise at the fact that nobody stepped up to be PM first.  Uh, James you didn’t volunteer either.

Nicole announced to the women that she would be project manager first and nobody wanted to challenge that. They gladly let her be first.

The first day Nicole seemed to judge people by how they looked and ignored suggestions by Tyana because she wore a “tacky” dress.  Tyana was in real estate and did a lot of staging so she should have been a star at this task.

The women all seemed to be choosing someone that they felt would fit nicely under the bus and proceeded to complain about that person.  It wasn’t that difficult either.

Nicole did not do any of the labor which instantly turned her teammates against her. Seriously though, how often does the boss dig ditches?

Nicole had a strategy of giving people a task so she could say it was their responsibility.

The Omarosa of this season is actually a toss up between Mahsa and David. More on David later.

Mahsa is an assistant district attorney and she made sure everybody knew it, several times. Her strategy was “Don’t ask me any questions just tell me what to do.”  That is a good way to protect yourself. She could easily say she did what she was told and nothing could be pinned on her. If her part of the task failed she could argue that she did exactly as instructed and it is the PMs fault for the creative part.

I would not want someone like that on my team.  A good team member also can think and give good ideas.  You follow orders for minimum wage, an executive salary requires thinking.

On day two for the women, Nicole realized she needed to use Tyana so that Trump couldn’t ask why she didn’t use her. Eventually she respected her decisions.

On the men’s team Gene looked like he didn’t know what was going on, but was pretending that he did. He would assign tasks to multiple people.  Anand and Jeremy grew tired of watching the chaos and took over with the designer to get something on paper.

Gene assigned David and Clint to do the floral. He then assigned David to do the A/V, and gave the task of plants to Clint.  David came back and lied to Clint to get the phone and then took the florist list from Clint and tried to call.

Clint didn’t like that and told David to give it back. David started threatening Clint about touching him again.  Clint is a big guy from the construction industry while David is a pudgy ex sales rep.  David wouldn’t have stood a chance against Clint.

I just thought the whole thing was immature and below people vying for a spot in the Trump organization.

In the end Donald Trump didn’t like either space.  Before he announced the winner Mahsa went after Nicole. She was very abrasive and turned Ivanka off.

If I had someone like Mahsa on my team I would fire her right away. There is no place for someone like that.

The men’s team won and the reward was time with Donald Trump, which is pretty good since he has fire power.

Nicole brought Mahsa and Tyana back in the board room. Mahsa went off again, but it really was Nicole’s fault they lost so she was fired.  In a twist Donald Trump is going to set up an interview with the Miss America Pageant for Nicole.

This season contains contestants that mostly are unemployed. A few of them did have jobs, but overall I think something they forget is they aren’t hot stuff or they would have jobs or successful businesses.  I don’t know if I will be able to stand watching the whole season, but I will give it my best shot.

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#1 John on 09.18.10 at 3:05 pm

I haven’t watched it yet, and I enjoy the Apprentice, but it seems like one out of four decisions Trump makes is a great example of what a good boss should NOT do.
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