James Fires David on The Apprentice

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This week on The Apprentice, the task was to run a doggy day spa and create a value added bonus. On the men’s team, James took on the role of project manager. We didn’t get to see if it was his idea or if Wade suggested it like the previous tasks.

On the women’s team, Tyana was the project manager.  For Liza’s sake the women needed to win.  The women, with the exception of Liza and Mahsa, worked well together.  Their added value was to make the lowest day, Tuesday, a special day by providing a report card, or schedule of what the dog did that day, along with a picture.

Wade came up with an idea of providing access to a webcam so owners could peak in on their dogs while they were at work.  I thought that was a pretty good idea.  They also wanted to make it a red carpet event for the dogs.

The problem the men had was James went in to the task with the idea that he needs to manage David.  If you remember, David is the arrogant jerk that rolls his eyes and picks fights with everybody.

The men were speaking with the owner and asking questions. David asked what sort of discipline  they use for the dogs and James told him basically to be quiet and that question was relevant at the time.

James may have been right, but it was one question.  David asked questions like Cyndi Lauper then I could understand, but it was one simple question.  David then muttered profanities “under his breath” that everyone, including the store owner, could hear.

James pulled David aside and talked to him in earshot of everyone else.  James really should have let it go. You can’t micro manage jerks that have no respect for you. David is like a spoiled 7 year old and confrontation only adds fuel to his spoiledness.

David said he never wanted to lose a task more than this one. Normally those are words that will get you fired, but James really was lacking in the leadership department.  Maybe it is because he is an attorney and used to dealing with other elitists, but he just didn’t know how to communicate with his team and nobody respected him.

The men bought green astro turf instead of red and then forgot the nails.  David was going to make nails out of  a binder clip and James wanted him to work on the webcams.  David showed his lack of respect and James told him to leave.

On the women’s team Mahsa wanted to be at the front to welcome people because she worked 15 years in her mom’s salon.  Tyana wanted to work the front because she was the project manager and honestly she needed to be in a role that looked like she was in charge.  Also she was ecstatic to meet Cesar Millan.

Liza was in charge of a task that the other women thought should take her a couple hours at most, but took her all day and then she didn’t even get it right.  That wasn’t so bad, but the women still had hard feelings over her outburst back in the room last week after the board room.

Mahsa was put back with the dogs, which was a good place for her to keep her out of the way.  She was upset and really wanted to see Tyana fired for not giving her what she wanted.

When the judges, Cesar and the two owners of the dog salon, came by the women’s team Tyana was smiling and talking directly to Cesar. She knew exactly what she was going to say and did a good job of explaining it and showing energy.

When they visited the men’s team, James didn’t seem like he knew what to say so some of the other men added things to try to help him out. James had no energy in his voice ad the team did not look like they had any unity.

In the board room, the women went after Liza and she was almost in tears. David went after James and the team followed.  A couple of the men did express their frustration with David since he was disruptive and swore in front of the store owner, but most of the complaining was on James.

The women won and James chose David and Wade to join him in the board room. Wade asked why him, and James told him that he has been trying to stay under the radar.  I am glad he noticed and brought it to the attention of Donald Trump.

With just the three of them Wade made a strategic move and supported David’s actions and joined him in blaming everything on James.  Wade said he would be project manager next time.

In this task, Wade didn’t do anything to warrant going to the boardroom. The cameras were his idea and he told everyone that he has spent thousands of dollars on training for his dogs. He had experience with dog day cares from a dog owner’s point of view and James didn’t utilize him like he could have.

Between David and James, I think they both should have been fired.  I wanted to support James on this one so I would feel better about David getting fired, but James just didn’t know how to lead.  I don’t know what it is about attorneys, but on this show the attorneys are awful.

David is a spoiled jerk with no respect for anyone and James is an uptight elitist. On this task I think James should have handled David differently and gave him the same amount of respect he gave the other men.  I don’t think it was a no brainer, but James was fired.

After the show he got a job with the New York District Attorneys office.  I think that is good for him. That is the crowd he can communicate with.

Overall, I think the show is getting better. Once David and Mahsa are gone I think the teams will be able to work better and accomplish better things.

Oh, and is Ivanka Trump pregnant did her outfit just make her look that way?

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#1 John on 10.03.10 at 8:05 pm

Only 3.61 million viewers last week. This might find itself moved to Saturdays to die.
John´s last blog ..Wednesday TV Ratings My ComLuv Profile

#2 John on 10.27.10 at 12:16 pm

No more recaps? I’ve been catching up to them on the DVR. Just watched the one where the men had a disastrous runway show with Gene & David completely unable to emcee an event. Best part of the episode was the “scenes from next week” where we see Clint refer to David and say to Trump “I beg you to remove this curse from us.”
John´s last blog ..Please Give DVD Review My ComLuv Profile

#3 Jordan "Ice Peak" English on 10.28.10 at 12:18 pm

I suppose I could post some recaps. I still watch the show. I have been watching the UK version too so I might post about that as well.

#4 John on 11.05.10 at 10:22 pm

John´s last blog ..Sometimes My ComLuv Profile

#5 John on 11.22.10 at 2:55 pm

In several ways I enjoy the “real people” Apprentice more than Celebrity Apprentice. Trump clearly plays favorites with celebrities (Joan Rivers, Cyndi Lauper) but with regular people, it comes down to the tasks.

On one hand I’m surprised Liza’s still there, but on the other hand, has she even been project manager yet?

I’m happy with the other 3 being Clint, Steuart and Brandy.
John´s last blog ..The Kids Are All Right – DVD Review My ComLuv Profile

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