Could Have Spell Check Saved The Task On The Apprentice?

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We left off last week with the knowledge that one more person was going to be fired.  Trump called them back in right off and asked them each why he shouldn’t fire them and who was the weakest player.

Brandy and Clint both talked about their accomplishments and said each other was stronger than Liza.

Liza didn’t tell Trump what she could do for his company. Instead she talked about how it would help her. Big mistake. Trump didn’t call her out on it, but I sure noticed.

If you are in an interview, the interviewer wants to know what you can do what you can do to help the company.   You need to sell yourself and let them know how you can benefit them and why they should “buy” you instead of another “product” on the shelf.

In the end Donald Trump fired Liza. It was the obvious choice. I did feel bad for her partly because her facial expressions remind me of one of my sisters.

Clint Roberts and Brandy are the final two. Trump brought back six of the fired applicants back, but this time he divided them into two teams and Brandy had the choice of choosing the team or the task.

The two teams were Anand, Stephanie, and Liza on one team and Steuart, Poppy, and Mahsa on the other.

The tasks were a celebrity golf tournament or a dinner with a performance by Liza Minnelli.

Brandy choose the first team because she did not want to be on the same team as Mahsa. I don’t blame her for that.

Clint got first choice on the task and he choose Liza Minnelli, which surprised everyone. That left the golf tournament for Brandy.

The tasks started and each team had a member that had experience in that area. Liza was a pro golfer and Steuart grew up in the hospitality industry.  What I really liked was how the others deferred to their suggestions even if they didn’t agree.

One thing I have to bring up is about Anand. If you remember he was fired for cheating and lying. He sent a text out to try to get customers at the chariot task and then lied about it when Trump confronted him.

Don Jr visited Team Brandy and took a jab at Anand. He asked if Anand was going to watch the cheaters.

Brandy was in charge of prizes as part of the task. She didn’t know what to do so she told Liza and Anand to go get $1,000 gift cards. I didn’t think that was a very good idea for celebrities.  In my opinion the “trophy” is more important than the function for people that have money.

The big mix up on Team Brandy was with the photographer. Brandy told him Trump National, but she didn’t specify which one and the photographer went to the wrong place.  That isn’t a task killer, but that isn’t all that happened.

Brandy was also tasked with setting up who will golf with Donald Trump. Trump requested that Liza be in his group. The problem with that is Brandy will be done a person during the task.

The trouble on Team Brandy is nothing compared to what happened on Team Clint.  Clint was in charge of the signs and brochures. When the team got the signs they noticed Liza Minnelli was spelled Liza Mineli on all of the printed material!

They spent $4,000 and only had $1,400 left to fix all of the signs. The episode ended before we could see Clint’s reaction to finding out, but if he can’t fix it he could easily lose the task for that reason alone. Celebrities are a sensitive bunch and a misspelled name can be an insult.

It will be exciting to see who wins. In the beginning I thought Brandy would be one to make it to the finals. That was until she started playing the victim. It looked to me like she got burned out and rode the rest of the way off of her performance in the beginning when she was strong.

It worked for her and she made. Now we will find out if she will be the Brandy of old or continue on the down the same road.

Clint was ready to go from the beginning, but we didn’t seem him shine for a couple weeks. Once we were able to take notice he kept going strong and proved he deserved to be in the finals.

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#1 John on 12.21.10 at 8:07 pm

Yeah I was disappointed. I thought Clint should have won, and I understand the ratings didn’t justify a live finale, but I would have liked to see some of the others come back to voice their opinions.
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