Why I Switched to Pro-Choice

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With all of the talk of health insurance care reform lately it has really got me thinking about where I stand.  I was thinking specifically of whether I am Pro-choice or Pro-life.

Before it has never been a question.  I was Pro-life, but recently I have changed my view.  I think life is very important.  Life is a God given right, but so is choice.

We are here with the ability to make choices for ourselves and because of this, I am Pro-choice.

When I say that I am Pro-choice, I am not referring to the choice to murder babies.  I am referring to the choices that affect me.  I am not saying at all that I should have the choice to enter a building and shoot everyone in sight without consequence.  I don’t believe in taking away other people’s choices.

There was another plan in heaven where the choices would be made for us and we would have no say in the matter.  We are taught that we are here because we chose the plan where we have a choice.

Lately I have come to the conclusion that there were some that said they did support the plan of choice, but secretly supported the plan of force.

When we look at political parties in general Republicans want small government and as few laws as possible.  They expect most people to be honest and have integrity.

I am not referring to politicians here, just the everyday Americans of each of the major political parties.

Republicans live in less densely populated areas where you know your neighbor. They don’t like other people telling them what they can and cannot do with their own lives.

Democrats look to the government for answers to problems. They typically live in densely populated areas and/or work for the government. They believe that what is best for them is best for everyone.

They believe that most people are dishonest and will rob an old lady if they didn’t think they would get caught.

I want the choice of wearing my seat belt.  I have worn it since I was a kid long before it was a law, but it used to be my choice.  I think the market will dictate what people want.  I don’t think airbags and all the safety features needed a law to be inserted.  People will drive safer cars as long as they have the other features they want.

I also want to choose what food I eat.  If I want to eat a burger full of sodium and dripping in fat, then that is what I want.  That doesn’t sound appetizing to me so I will choose not to eat something like that, but I want the choice.

If I want health insurance I want the choice to pay for it, I don’t want to be force to pay for it.  If I can’t afford to pay, I have a choice to increase my skills to get a better job. Minimum wage is for high school kids, not adults supporting a family.

If I want a gun to legally protect myself and my family from the guy with a stolen gun, I want that choice. If all I could legally have is a butter knife, who would win that battle?

Pro-lifers want to force me to have a healthy life rather then letting me choose a healthy life.

They want me to raise my kids by a standardized plan rather then letting me choose what is best for each of my children.

They think by making it illegal to own anything that could take another life then crime rates will drop.  I’m not going to say anything about that.

Pro-choice and pro-life aren’t specific to any political party.  There are both types in both major political parties.

It really does make sense to me as to why some people are Pro-lifers.  In densely populated areas there is a lot of crime.  People feel helpless and want help from somewhere.

It reminds me of when my daughter was in pre-school.  If a kid on the playground would push her down she would run to the teacher and tattle.  The teacher would tell her to go work it out. She wouldn’t say anything to the kid that pushed my baby down.

At first that really irritated me. I don’t want some bully kid pushing my daughter down and getting away with it, but then I really thought about it.  If my daughter doesn’t learn how to deal with adversity, she will not be able to function properly in society.

Do you see the correlation here?  If you don’t deal with your problems and figure out a way to work it out or accept it, you will not be able to function in society.

Luckily I still have the choice to have my own beliefs.

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Very thought provoking.

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