What Does Scott Brown’s Election Mean?

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Donkey and ElephantI have been reading several blogs and comments about the recent Massachusetts senator race between Democrat Martha Coakley and Republican Scott Brown.  I am not going to choose sides since I am not in that state, but instead point out some themes I have noticed.

First off, the democrats lost “Ted Kennedy’s Seat” that has been controlled by him for 46 years.  Now a Republican won the seat and both sides have their reasons as to why.  This is a major upset for Democrats and a huge victory for Republicans.  The Democrats lost their 60 vote filibuster-proof control.

I personally think there are more important matters to tend to before health care, like unemployment and our countries failing economy.  Providing government sponsored health care can’t help unemployment or boost our economy.  Washington DC could use an overhaul too. :)

These are comments, snippets, and/or summaries  from blogs that I have read. Citing all of them will take too much time so you’ll have to trust me on this.

Democrats: The loss is because people are worried about the economy. It does not say anything about health care reform.

Women voted for Scott Brown only because he is handsome and didn’t know/don’t care about his politics.

Voters are, for the most part, ignorant and believe any sound bite they hear.

The teabaggers are passionate about voting and came out in numbers.

The Dems need to start enacting the legislation THEY want instead of negotiating it down to what the Republicans want. Maybe now they’ll start acting like Democrats. Either way, they’ll never get a Republican vote, so why appease them?

Republicans have decided to vote “No” to everything the Democrats want so they can blame the failures on the Democrats.

As they say, “Never underestimate the power of large groups of stupid people.”

Republicans: The people have spoken, they do not like health care reform.

This is another step in the trend of voting out Democrats

The people want their country back

The Democrats had a majority and locked the Republicans out, now there has to be some bipartisanism.

“Why did Coakley lose, and Brown win? Simple: You really can’t fool all the people all the time.

The Democrats have fooled a lot of people with their quasi-religious, holy-roller movement of redistributing money, saving everybody by governmental entitlements, and stealing money from the rich to give to “its rightful owners.”

But no matter how many times the media prattled about health-care “reform,” the people ultimately knew a takeover when they saw one. They rebelled against that semi-fascist expropriation of a basic, essential aspect of all our lives.  It was a bridge-to-nowhere too far.”

There is much much more, but I was starting to get irritated with the same stuff in different words. What I find interesting is if the names and parties were removed all the comments could and/or have come from both parties at one point or another.

What were Republicans saying after Obama won?  They credited the victory to the media.  Sound familiar?

From what I was reading, many of the Democrats that left comments seem to support the stereotype that Republicans are “dumb as dirt”, willing to protect their beliefs with “guns blazing”, are all secretly members of the KKK, believe anything Fox news says, gay bashers, and similar things along those lines.

The Republican comments about Democrats support the stereotype that Democrats are Stalin wanna-bes, Pro-gay, Pro-murdering babies, Anti-religion, Anti-family, elitists, brain washers, liers, cheaters, and much more.

My opinion on the matter is that our country will never recover and become the great nation it can be as long as we have Democrats and Republicans.

Parties used to be a way for people to come together and vote according to which group closely follows the person’s individual beliefs.  Now it has turned into people saying anything they can to be elected and not doing what they say they will do.

How many politicians have switched parties so they can be elected again?  Is there really any integrity in that?  If someone’s core belief system can change just like that do they really belong in a position representing a section of our country?

I think the idea of political parties is fine, but the idea and the reality of them are completely different.  What our country needs are people that state their beliefs, honor their beliefs, and stick to their beliefs.  I am not suggesting they should be close minded, but any compromise should not be opposed to their core beliefs.  With people like this Americans will know what the person stands for and can then decide if they agree or not.

You might say we already have this system in place.  Do we really?  How many politicians can articulate their own personal beliefs?  Don’t they all regurgitate the party philosophy?

The goal of the politician is to get reelected. It is no longer their goal to improve our country and protect our rights.

With both parties always slinging mud at each other, it seems their best message is “Choose me, I’m the lesser of two evils.”

Can’t we choose the good person?

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