Clarification On My Pro-Choice Stance

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Yesterday I posted about changing from Pro-life to Pro-choice.  I don’t think I articulated my thoughts as effectively as I could have so I am going to attempt to clarify what I meant.

When we hear Pro-choice we immediately think Pro-abortion.  When we hear Pro-life, we think of anti-abortion.

What I was trying to say yesterday is that those who support abortion are Pro-choice only for abortion and are not Pro-choice in other areas.

Pro-life is only Pro-life for abortion.

Here are the definitions I used yesterday and will again use today.

Pro-choice – People have the right to make decisions for themselves as long as those decisions do not take away from the rights of others.

Pro-life – People have the right to life and since they are not making decisions that will prolong their life, the government will make the decisions for them.

I am not referring to abortion with these terms, but as I defined Pro-choice above abortion would violate that belief since abortion violates the right to life of the baby.

Those who say they are Pro-choice are not.  They try to take away future choices and excuse past choices.

If you think about it, every vice can be excused with genetics or a disease.

What, you are addicted to cocaine?  It’s not your fault, your great grandfather must have been a coke addict.

You’re a drunk?  You have alcoholism, it’s a disease.

There is a lot of controversy about this next one… You’re gay?  It’s genetic, it’s not your fault.  Actions are not genetic.  Even if there were a gay gene, which there is not, homosexuality is an action not color, race, or gender.

If scientists decided to find a murder gene, would that mean murderers were no longer responsible for their actions?  Of course not.

I remember first reading about how scientist found the gay gene.  I read the report and noticed that the gay gene has been found in heterosexuals as well as homosexuals, and that not all homosexuals have the gene.  Doesn’t sound conclusive to me.

Read this study on the gay gene if you are interested in learning more.

Bad choices are excused as some sort of disease or genetics.  The same is true with unruly kids.

If you are a bad parent and your child is out of control, then your child must have ADHD or something like that.  I am not saying that all diagnosis are lies designed to push drugs on kids. There certainly are real problems out there, but I do believe that many of them can be resolved by better parenting.

Ever heard the one about being big boned and not fat?  Let’s face it you eat too much and move too little.  I am overweight and according to the Wii fit, obese.

I know that it is my fault.  I work in front of a computer everyday and eat foods that aren’t always healthy.  I get a little exercise playing basketball on Tuesdays and Football on Saturdays, but I am still about 40 pounds heavier than I would like to be.

Many health related illnesses disappear with proper exercise and nutrition, but instead we are prescribed drugs.  We want a panacea that requires no work, but all the benefits of work.

Instead of making excuses for your life, make expectations for your life.  If you want something changed, change it.  If you want a better life, seek a better life.

Think about who makes up the government.  They are mostly career politicians. This means they have spent their entire lives trying to get elected.  When someone wants to win favor over the masses, what do they usually say?  Anything that will appeal to the masses, anything.

What do they actually do?  Whatever it takes to stay in office.  How many politicians on both sides have been disgraced by affairs, lying, breaking laws, etc? And we want them making decisions for us that effect our lives?

I am certainly not anti-government.  The government is there to protect our rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  The problem comes in when they start trying to define which rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness we actually can have to ourselves and which rights they need to make decisions about.

To summarize, when I say I am Pro-choice I mean I support the option to choose my way of life. As long as I am not infringing on the rights of others, why can’t I have that right.

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