The Teams Are Picked On The Ultimate Fighter Season 12

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On this episode the fighters move into the house.  It is a nice house which is unfortunate since they will likely destroy it.   When they first got in the house they seemed to get along with each other and nobody stood out as the house nuisance.

George St-Pierre had a strategy to get Josh Koscheck to force a pick by having a fake list of who he wanted so Koscheck could see it.  The hope was that Koscheck would pick Marc Stevens instead of the number one guy.  It worked and GSP got Michael Johnson just as he planned.

Team GSP:
Michael Johnson
Jonathan Brookins
Spencer Paige
Alex Caceres
Kyle Watson
Cody McKenzie
Dane Sayers

Team Koscheck:
Marc Stevens
Sevak Magakian
Sako Chivitchian
Andy Main
Nam Phan
Aaron Wilkinson
Jeff Lentz

I think the teams are pretty good so both teams should have wins.  It does come down to fight selection so anything can happen.

GSP chose the first fight and picked Alex Caceres versus Jeff Lentz.  I don’t think it was a wise decision. Jeff has great stand up. Alex “Bruce Leroy” Cacerees is quick, but he doesn’t have the heavy hands that Jeff has.

I would have picked a mismatch in my favor instead of a toss up like this fight.

I am favoring Team GSP just because I like GSP better.  The show has changed my mind about fighters in the past so my opinion of Josh Koscheck may change.  So far both coaches seem like they care so it should be a fun season.

Alex is a laid back happy guy.  Jeff has more anger, smokes and drinks more than he should.  I would give cardio to Alex. If the fight goes three rounds, Alex will probably win.

Jeff can end the fight if Alex isn’t careful because he has better stand up. His ground game is decent, but I think Alex has a little better ground game.

Before the fight my guess was that Alex won, because in the scenes after the last episode they should Jeff punch another fighter at the house. If he won and still had a chance, I doubt he would have done that.

The fight started with Alex throwing kicks and knees to keep Jeff away.  It worked for a while and he did land one pretty good. Jeff was able to close the distance and pin Alex against the cage.

After jockeying for position  and several failed take down attempts from both of them Alex used a guillotine to take down the gassing Jeff. Not much happened and they went back up to slow dancing as they had done for the majority of the round.

Finally the ref broke them apart and the kicks came back.  Jeff landed a good strike that almost dropped Alex. He was able to score a nice take down at the end of the round which gave him the round in my opinion.

The second round started with kicks from both fighters, but few of them made contact. The wrapped up against the fence again until Alex attempted a take down and they both fell down.  Jeff was able to twist around and end up in Alex’s guard.

Alex was able to catch Jeff in a triangle choke and Jeff tapped out.  The funny thing was in the house Jeff said he would not tap if he was in a choke.  It was a good fight and it really could have gone to Jeff if it went to the judges.

I don’t see Alex winning the show, but he will make it fun to watch with his upbeat personality.

From what I saw of the fights to get into the house Micheal Johnson is a contender to win the whole thing. Marc Stevens showed he has knock out power and his background is wrestling so he is probably a contender as well. His fight was too short to really see if he can make it.

St-Pierre maintains control of the fight picks for another week.  Next week Mike Tyson will make an appearance and there are some grumblings on Team Koscheck.

The Apprentice is Back and Disappointing as Ever

The Apprentice is back with another season, but this time there are no celebrities.  Thank goodness.  I was so excited to watch this season, because there would be real people and I learned a lot from the previous seasons with real people fighting for a job.

Here are the candidates this season (they don’t list their last names this season): Alex, Anand, Brandy, Clint, David, Gene, James, Kelly, Liza, Mahsa, Nicole, Poppy, Stephanie, Steuart, Tyana, and Wade.

The season premier was a disappointment.  This has turned into a cut-throat no holds barred fight.  The Apprentice certainly had moments like this in the past, but this season most contestants are looking to protect themselves more than anything.

I completely understand where they are coming from. Donald Trump is known for firing people because they came up with an idea during a brain storming session that ended up losing or they didn’t fight hard enough even though the didn’t do anything wrong in the task.

I was really looking forward to seeing creativity and ingenuity, but instead I saw people making sure they pointed out others faults so their own wouldn’t seem so grand.

In the first episode the teams, boys against girls, were tasked with creating an ultra modern office space. Gene was appointed project manager of the men and they chose Octane for their name.

Nicole volunteered to be project manager of the women and they chose fortitude as their name.

It is always entertaining to watch the teams the first time they are together. On the men’s team a couple of them tried to establish their dominance by attempting to direct the conversations.  Nobody wanted to volunteer to be project manager and since Gene is the oldest Wade nominated him. I am sure he was thinking he would be easy to get rid of.

After decisions were made James, talking to the camera alone, expressed his surprise at the fact that nobody stepped up to be PM first.  Uh, James you didn’t volunteer either.

Nicole announced to the women that she would be project manager first and nobody wanted to challenge that. They gladly let her be first.

The first day Nicole seemed to judge people by how they looked and ignored suggestions by Tyana because she wore a “tacky” dress.  Tyana was in real estate and did a lot of staging so she should have been a star at this task.

The women all seemed to be choosing someone that they felt would fit nicely under the bus and proceeded to complain about that person.  It wasn’t that difficult either.

Nicole did not do any of the labor which instantly turned her teammates against her. Seriously though, how often does the boss dig ditches?

Nicole had a strategy of giving people a task so she could say it was their responsibility.

The Omarosa of this season is actually a toss up between Mahsa and David. More on David later.

Mahsa is an assistant district attorney and she made sure everybody knew it, several times. Her strategy was “Don’t ask me any questions just tell me what to do.”  That is a good way to protect yourself. She could easily say she did what she was told and nothing could be pinned on her. If her part of the task failed she could argue that she did exactly as instructed and it is the PMs fault for the creative part.

I would not want someone like that on my team.  A good team member also can think and give good ideas.  You follow orders for minimum wage, an executive salary requires thinking.

On day two for the women, Nicole realized she needed to use Tyana so that Trump couldn’t ask why she didn’t use her. Eventually she respected her decisions.

On the men’s team Gene looked like he didn’t know what was going on, but was pretending that he did. He would assign tasks to multiple people.  Anand and Jeremy grew tired of watching the chaos and took over with the designer to get something on paper.

Gene assigned David and Clint to do the floral. He then assigned David to do the A/V, and gave the task of plants to Clint.  David came back and lied to Clint to get the phone and then took the florist list from Clint and tried to call.

Clint didn’t like that and told David to give it back. David started threatening Clint about touching him again.  Clint is a big guy from the construction industry while David is a pudgy ex sales rep.  David wouldn’t have stood a chance against Clint.

I just thought the whole thing was immature and below people vying for a spot in the Trump organization.

In the end Donald Trump didn’t like either space.  Before he announced the winner Mahsa went after Nicole. She was very abrasive and turned Ivanka off.

If I had someone like Mahsa on my team I would fire her right away. There is no place for someone like that.

The men’s team won and the reward was time with Donald Trump, which is pretty good since he has fire power.

Nicole brought Mahsa and Tyana back in the board room. Mahsa went off again, but it really was Nicole’s fault they lost so she was fired.  In a twist Donald Trump is going to set up an interview with the Miss America Pageant for Nicole.

This season contains contestants that mostly are unemployed. A few of them did have jobs, but overall I think something they forget is they aren’t hot stuff or they would have jobs or successful businesses.  I don’t know if I will be able to stand watching the whole season, but I will give it my best shot.

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The Ultimate Fighter is Back with the 155 Weight Class

The Ultimate Fighter is back with its 12th season! This season Josh Koscheck and George St. Pierre are the coaches.  I didn’t like Josh when he was on the show int the first season. He is a really good fighter and we’ll see how he is as a coach.

This is the season for 155s so the fights will be much more intense.  The fights they showed were pretty good. One of the fights ended in 13 seconds, but the others were pretty good so we could see the strengths of the fighters.

This is going to be a great season. The fighters that made it in are good for the most part. A couple of them are weak on the ground so that will be interesting, but several of them seem to be well rounded and hit hard.

They showed some scenes from the season and it looks like the level of class will drop a little bit from fights outside of the octagon, including a coach.

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How Many Paths Are There To Your Goals

I have been evaluating my goals and looking at where I am compared to where I was a few months ago and a few years ago.  It got me thinking about the paths we take.

following the pathThis summer I took my kids hiking a few times.  We always had a trail to follow and we always knew what our destination was. We did not know how the path would look along the way or even how to get there except to follow the trail.

My 8  year old son was always looking for a short cut. Often he would cut a corner on a switch back which did save him time. Other times he would climb over rocks and we would have to wait for him to catch up.

Most of the time he was able to make his way through his short cuts because the two youngest couldn’t keep his pace.

When we are going through life with a goal, how often to we take detours for follow other paths in hopes of reaching our goal faster?

As I thought over the many paths I have followed to reach some of my goals, I could help laughing at some of them. You see, some of the shortcuts I followed took me not only back to where I started, but beyond.  I had ground to make up, just to get back to where I was.  In some cases these short cuts put me back over a year.

Now before I take any potential short cut I ask myself these questions:

  • Will this get me closer to my goal
  • If this is a “dead end” how long will it take me to get back on track
  • Will the path create value for me and for others regardless of the outcome
  • Will I follow the path to the end

If I don’t like the answers to those questions, I pass on the short cut. Sometimes the short cut may take some extra time, but the knowledge gained is worth it. Other times the money and time lost is not worth the risk and those resources could be applied to better uses.

If you are going through life following the crowd not knowing where you are going or why, you are not living life.  Set goals and go after them like it is life or death.  After all, if you are not growing and moving towards something you are stagnant. Just like you should never drink from stagnant water, you should never have a stagnant life.

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Be a Hero or be a Villain

Flash getting interviewedWhat do you think? Who is stronger, the hero or the villain? In fairy tales the hero always beats the villain, but in reality are they equally matched?

I was reading a report about a study done at Harvard where doing a good deed or an evil act can actually increase will power and physical endurance.

I thought that having a noble purpose would increase one’s abilities or at least swing their results in their favor.  I have always wondered how swindlers and others that seemed so dishonest to the point of evil were able to prosper and perform so well.

The article got me to reflect back on my life, specifically events or periods of time where everything was going my way.  I remember those times as positive and happy.  I felt like I was on a mission and what ever I need would be granted.

Where things going my way because I took on the role of the hero?  Was I trying to be the hero for my family and that is why things worked out better than other times when things were hard?

I believe in action and positive thinking in order to get the expected results. Without action all the thinking in the world is not going to feed you and your family. However, action alone will not always produce the expected results.

If I were a salesman knocking on doors trying to sell the latest and greatest product and my trainer told me that for every ten people that said no I would get one sale, I could knock on 100 doors and not make a sale if all I do is knock on a door simply for the sake of odds.

I like to play football just about every Saturday and one thing I noticed about myself is when I am on a team with players who are just okay, if I make the decision that I need to step up an be the best player, I do amazing. I can get open and catch tough throws.  When I am on a team with good players and I don’t feel that I need to “be the hero” I play average.  It isn’t that I don’t run as hard or try, but I think it comes down to whether or not I put myself in the role of the hero.

Going along with the football scenario a little longer the same is true on defense.  If I need to be the hero on defense (or the villain from the eyes of the offense), I can swat the ball down or intercept it many more times than in regular play when the other players are good.

In the study, participates were given a dollar and told they could keep it or donate it to charity. Those who donated the $1 could hold a 5lbs weight 10 seconds longer on average than those who kept the dollar.

A second study was done and participants were asked to hold a 5lbs weight and write a fictional story about them doing either something good for others, something that had no impact on others or something that harmed others. Those that wrote something good or harmed others were able to hold the weight longer than those who wrote something that had no impact on others.

It isn’t even the actual act that seems to be the trigger to grant one more strength, but instead the intent or even the thought about doing it.

In what ever situation you are in now whether it is financial, physical, or anything else. Be a hero. Decide right now that you are going to be the hero at work… at home… or wherever else a hero is needed.

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Spencer Smyth Music for Free

Spencer Smyth Music for Free. A friend of mine is releasing his music for free! He has spent several years and a lot of money composing his music and decided to give it away for free rather than selling it.

He is passionate about his music and wants to share it with everyone in hopes that it might help them come closer to Jesus.  All you have to do to get the free LDS music that he has to offer is visit his website that I linked to and download it.

He is available for firesides if you are looking for a talented singer and song writer to help motivate the youth in your ward or stake.

His songs can be embraced by all Christians and not just Latter-day Saints. The songs are all faith promoting with the goal of brining the listener closer to Christ.  Visit his site, and give his songs a listen. Let me know what you think of them and I’ll pass the comments on to him.

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And The Winner of The Ultimate Fighter is…

The Ultimate Finale on the Ultimate Fighter.  Court McGee versus Kris McCray was the fight I really wanted to see.

Jaime Yager versus Rich Attonito was the other match up from the house, not what I expected but I will take it. Naturally I was wanting Rich to win by knockout.

Both fighters had some time to train after leaving the house. Jaime was looking better in this fight than in his last fight.  He had some solid punches and of course he used some kicks, but not as many as I thought.

Jaime controlled the striking game and so Rich went for the take down and got it.  Jaime was able to get right back up.

Yager slowed down after the first couple of minutes, but Rich didn’t pick up his pace. He was able to land a couple strikes, but Jaime landed more.

Rich tried another take down, but Yager was able to stop it. Jaime won the first round.

The second round was similar to the the start of the first. Jaime throws combinations and Rich throws single strikes.   Rich can hurt Jaime if he could connect.

A couple minutes into the round and Jaime looked tired. Rich was able to land more punches to the face which visibly hurt Yager.

Jaime had enough and tried to take down Rich which wasn’t a good idea. Rich is a superior grappler.  He took Jaime’s back and was able to get  his hooks in and pound the sides of Jaime’s head.  There was nothing he could do and the ref stopped it.

Jaime should class after the fight and hugged Rich. I assume he also apologized for the way he acted in the house and put everything behind them.

Next Spencer Fisher and Dennis Siver fought. There was really good back and forth. The fight was full of action. Dennis Siver won a unanimous decision. I was surprised with that call. I thought Spencer won the first and third rounds.

Next Chris Leben fought Aaron Simpson. Simpson controled the pace of the fight. Leben had good defense.  The ref stopped the fight giving Leben the win.

Matt Hamil and Keith Jardine fought next. Both have knockout power. In the second round Hamil cut up Jardine and had him rocked. Keith accidentally poked Matt in the eye which may have saved him from a knock out.

Jardine lost a point and came back after the time out with a vengeance. Matt returned the fury and bloodied up Keith. Matt Hamil won a majority decision.

Court McGee and Kris McCray were up next.  From watching them on the show. Court wins hands down.  There has been time for both of them to train and last season we saw how much a fighter can improve from the show to the finals.

The first round started with both fighters fighting for position. Court was able to take Kris down and ended up in his guard.

Court brought Kris to the fence, but Kris was able to get up only to be taken down again. Court was able to inflict some ground and pound before Kris got back up.

Court got the take down again with out taking any damage. Kris was able to reverse and get up when Court went for the full mount.  Kris landed the most punches after he got away.

The first round ended and Court won. He controlled most of the round and had many take downs and pinned Kris against the fence for much of the round too.

Kris really needed to pick up the pace for the second round and score some points.  They traded punches for a bit and then Court took Kris down in full mount. Kris was able to hug Court and prevent him from any ground and pound. Kris then rolled over and gave Court his back, but then got away.

Court took Kris down again pretty quick and was on top again and choked out Kris McCray for the win.

Court dominated the fight. Kris had some good moments, but they were shadowed by Court’s domination.  Good job Court!

There was time after the fight so James McSweeney and Travis Browne fought. The ref stopped the fight giving Travis Browne the win in the first round.

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Court McGee and Kris McCray will Fight in the Finals of the Ultimate Fighter

If you remember from last week, Tito Ortiz was sent home and Rich Franklin took his spot.  They cut off before we saw the assistant coaches leading us to believe it was a big name. In walk Forest Griffin, Gray Maynard, and Tyson Griffin.

Forrest looks fat.  He might be training to much on the xbox.

The new coaches jumped in and the team benefited from the experience of past show fighters with tons of experience.

In the past, coaches that had teammates fight would let the assistance pick one and the head coach would step down. This time, Chuck coached them both which is a little weird.  They wanted to keep the team unity.

Brad and Court are familiar with each others styles.  Court has a better ground game than Brad.  Brad has good stand up.  I picked Court for the win and not just because the TUF crew was in town filming at his gym a couple weeks ago.

The house got the trouble makers, Yager and Tavares, back for all the disruption they caused. They got a couple others too, but Jaime and Brad were upset about it. Kris hardly responded to the noise.

The beginning of the first round just showed the fighters feeling each other out.  Court threw jabs, but didn’t land many of them. Not much if any damage was done.

Court went in and took Brad down, but didn’t do anything.  Brad was able to get up.

They had an exchange, but it looked like they both came out even.  Court would drive in and wrap up and would make some contact. He did take Brad down and second time, but Brad hopped right back up.

The first round ended and I have to give it to Court because he had 2 take downs and made more contact. Neither one looked like they were beat.

The second round started with Brad being a little more aggressive. He landed some straight punches to the face that went unanswered.

Court warmed up and started to counter and land some of his own straight rights.  He buckled Brad with one, but Brad stayed up and recovered quickly.

Court wrapped up against the fence, but couldn’t take Brad down. Brad was winning half way through the second round. Court needed to do something to take control.  It looked like Court’s nose was broken.

Brad landed more power punches and I gave the second round to him.

The third round was going to decide the fight.  Brad needed to stay on his feet and Court needed to take it to the ground.

Brad punished Court when he would come in. He landed some solid punches.  Brad was more on defense waiting to counter Courts attacks most of the time.

Court started to find his groove and countered almost every strike from Brad.  Court just about dropped Brad with a punch, but didn’t capitalize on it.

They were both gassed, but kept with it. One of the groin kicks landed by Court but the second one was low. I think Brad was tired.

Court dropped Brad and ended up on Brads back chocking him out with a rear naked choke and won the fight. Brad did well he has some great stand up. I thought Court did more damage with his punches.  Brad will be back.

Dana brought in five Marines to train with the teams.  The Marines showed the fighters some of their training. The fighters showed the Marines some ground techniques.

Kris McCray and Josh Bryant were the next fight.  This will be a rematch for them.  Kris may have learned from the first fight and redeem himself.  Josh is tough and has some strong punches.  I want Kris to win to represent team Ortiz/Franklin, but I think Josh can win again.

Jaime Yager was out for revenge. He took their left shoes and hid them.  Brad threw beans and rice at a couple guys sunbathing. Hammortree was mad and confronted them.

He took some trash and dumped it on Yager’s  bed and floor so Yager dumped rice and beans on Hammortree’s floor and bed. Jaime claimed he didn’t do it, but he did.

Hammortree went after Sideshow Bob, but was held back. Bob talked a big game, but everyone pointed out that Jaime quit.  They decided to take it outside.

Hammortree was outside waiting and Jaime was looking out his window at him.  He didn’t want to go. I am sure it is because he didn’t want to be banned from the show. That is a good excuse, but I think he was scared.

Jaime got the shoes and gave them back and even apologized. I think he knows people are ready to pound his face in.

Josh and Kris are next up. I want Kris to win, but think Josh will take it. Josh is a better striker and grappler, but Kris will be able to defend the take down because he is taller.

The fight started out with Kris being the aggressor. He was going for take downs.  I think that was a good strategy since Josh has knockout power.

Kris took Josh down, but wasn’t able to keep him there.  Josh got up, but not away. Kris stayed on him and took him down again.  Josh was able to get up and away this time.

Kris looked much better in this fight than any of his previous. He was all over Josh and landed some good strikes.

Kris took the first round. Josh landed a couple strikes and a kick and that was it. The second round I expected to see Josh explode. Kris was tired by the end of the first. I don’t think he can last two rounds.

The second round started like the first. Kris went in for a take down and pinned Josh against the fence. He wasn’t able to get the take down.

I really expected Josh to come out swinging. Kris really wanted the fight.

Josh went for a take down, but Kris stopped it. They were both tired and the fight looked like it may go to the person with the best conditioning.

Josh landed a lot more strikes this round, but Kris controlled the fight more.  He was unable to take Kris down. Kris couldn’t take Josh down either.

The second round was really close. I still think Kris took it, but the judges could have given it to Josh.

For the third round it could have come down to who can take the other person down first.  The last round had more action in the beginning than either of the previous rounds. They both were swinging.

They were both so tired and kept at it.  They traded punches and knees for more than half the fight.  It was to close to call. The last round could have gone to either one.  I gave the fight to Kris.

The decision came and Kris McCray won in a unanimous decision.  I was very impressed with Kris. He came out much more aggressive and with a lot more heart than any of his previous fights. He earned the win.

Kris McCray versus Court McGee in the finals. That will be a good fight.  The finals will be a match up between alternates. I don’t think that has happened before. They both had a loss in the house.

Rich Franklin redeemed himself as a coach. We didn’t get to see much, but he did seem to be more helpful and positive about it.

I am excited to see the fight. I think Court will win. He has learned a lot in the house and is training with Chuck Liddell at his gym for this fight.

For the other match ups from the house. I want to see Hammortree and Yager.  That would be a great fight, especially if Hammortree knocks out Yager.

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Dana White to Tito Ortiz, “You’re Fired” in The Ultimate Fighter

This episode started with Chuck still talking to Dana about Tito pulling out of the fight due to needing neck surgery.  Chuck hates Tito and was only doing the show so he could punch Tito in the face at the end.

Tito Ortiz looked a little scared. He wouldn’t say anything and he wouldn’t even look at Chuck.  Chuck noticed it and was smiling at Tito waiting for a glance that never came.

The last preliminary fight is Jaime Yager versus Josh Bryant.  Yager is the favorite of the fight.  Josh will have trouble taking Jaime down since Josh is shorter and Jaime is tall and has decent take down defense.

The first round started with both fighters landing a good strike.  Jaime was effected more by the punch, but was able to recover during the lock up.  Jaime threw some solid knees to the body and Josh let go.

They respected each others power after the first exchange and Jaime resorted to kicks to keep Josh away.  Josh was able to land one punch.

Josh seemed to get kicked in the nuts a couple times, but the fight was only stopped once.

With 20 seconds left Josh finally decided to rush in and he dropped Yager.  Jaime recovered quick so no more damage was done.

Jaime landed many more strikes in the form of kicks so I have to give the round to Yager even though the punches Josh landed hurt Jaime.

Yager threw more kicks, but Josh went after him and hit him with some solid punches.  Yager was scared and threw knees and kicks, but still ended up on his back.

He was able to get up and they went back to Yager kicking with a couple weak punches.  He has strong kicks and knees, but his punches didn’t seem to do anything.

Josh dropped Jaime again, but Josh’s ground and pound was weak. Jaime was able to protect himself with one arm for most of the barrage. He did eat a few elbows.

Josh had the second round and a third round was coming. It didn’t look like Yager wanted to continue. Josh has power behind his punches and Yager wanted to quit.

Jaime said he couldn’t see and the fight was over.  Josh deserved that win. Yager expected to kick Josh in the head and end the fight.  I was impressed with Josh.

This is want millions of fans and almost everyone in the house have been waiting to see. Jaime “Sideshow Bob” Yager got punched in the face and quit.  Finally.

Tito was mad at Yager. This is the first time Tito acted like this after a loss. He has always supported his team in a loss, but when big talker Yager quit Tito talked a lot of smack about him.

The irony is that Tito quit before his fight even started.

Does Tito see himself in Yager quitting?

Dana pulled Tito aside and is sending him to a different specialist.  He said if the doctor says he needs surgery, they will get it done.  He told Tito tomorrow is his last day coaching on the show.

Tito was visibly upset that he couldn’t stay to coach his last fighter. He was in tears about it.

Tito didn’t tell his team about what was going on so Dana called his team in and told them that Tito is no longer their coach.

The team was mad that Tito didn’t say a word to them.  They just couldn’t believe Tito would do that.  They were sure he would come back and tell them.

Yager got back from the doctor and they told him nothing was wrong. He was disappointed by that.

Tito came by the house to talk to his team. I think he just had to gain his composure.

The next day Dana announced the semifinals. Brad Tavares versus Court McGee.  I am giving the fight to Court.

Kris McCray versus Josh Bryant is the other fight.  I give Josh the win in this fight.

Of course the four fighters have had time to recover and to train so either one could win  the fight.

Team Ortiz walks into the gym and Rich Franklin was in there waiting.  This is a good time for Rich to redeem himself  from his coaching last time.

Dana says he is over compensating and asks to bring in the assistant coaches and the show ends.

Next week is the two hour live finale.

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