The Semifinals Are Decided on The Ultimate Fighter

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This week Kyle Watson and Aaron Wilkinson will be fighting first.  Kyle is better on the ground so if he can bring the fight down, he will win. It if stays up, Aaron will probably win.

Aaron had a loss in this competition and that can really motivate a person.  He has a good chance of winning the fight, but I want Kyle to win.

The fight started with Kyle throwing leg kicks and looking for an opening. He found one and took Aaron down. Aaron didn’t do anything offensive.

Kyle was in Aaron’s half guard and was working on getting the side mount. He got the side mount and Aaron was able to stand up. He didn’t get away though and Kyle brought him down again ending up in a full mount.

Surprisingly, Kyle didn’t do any ground and pound from the full mount. He did work his way onto Aaron’s back. He had him in a body lock and was going for the rear naked choke. He had it, but Aaron’s chin was in there to prevent the choke. The neck popped out and Kyle won by tap out.

I felt bad for Aaron. He really didn’t show up to the fight. All he did was tap Kyle with some little rabbit punches.

Next is Michael Johnson vs Alex “Bruce LeeRoy” Caceres. Freddy Roach, a professional boxing coach, came in to train with Team GSP. The team was excited about that, since he trains champions.

This is the fight we have been fighting for. Micheal is stronger, but he wasn’t impressive in his last fight. Alex is a clown and really annoying, but he is a good fighter and can win the fight.  I don’t think either fighter belongs in the finals because they both are in need of attitude adjustments.

Josh Koscheck is supporting Alex. He thinks Georges threw Alex under the bus, but that isn’t what happened. They wanted to fight and GSP said if two fighters pick each other he will do what he can to get them to fight.

The fight began. Alex had a strategy of hit and run. Micheal’s strategy was take him down and let him up to break him.

Micheal was able to take Alex down quick. Alex got up without much damage. Micheal clocked Alex and knocked his mouth piece out.

Micheal got another take down. So far his is dominating the fight.  He hasn’t done any damage when he had Alex on the ground. The take down does score points, but if he can’t score points on the ground, it will boost Alex’s confidence.

Alex got up again and let his hands go. He had some good strikes, but so did Micheal.

Alex tripped and Micheal jumped on top. As usual, Mike didn’t do any damage and Alex got up.

The first round ended and I have to give it to Micheal. Alex did good the last half, but Micheal did more damage and had the take downs.

The second round started and Alex needed to attack. He did come out a little more aggressive, but he was a little too ambitious and tried some funky move which failed and Micheal ended up on top. Fortunately for Alex, Micheal still hasn’t learned how to ground and pound.

He did throw more punches the longer they were on the ground. He looked like he was going for a guillotine and Alex got up. Alex went to the ground and Micheal got his back. Alex was able to roll him off and for the first time Alex was on top, but it didn’t last long and Micheal got up.

Micheal then took Alex down again, but couldn’t’ do much damage. Alex has to win by knock out or submission because Micheal is winning this round too.  He doesn’t do much damage on the ground, but he has several take downs and does damage when they trade punches.

Alex got up and Micheal took him down again where the fight ended. Micheal won unless the judges watched a different fight. I felt myself routing for Alex for some reason. It was a good fight. Alex was quicker, but Micheal was stronger and imposed his will.

I thought it was a good fight. The fighters worked out their issues and I think their beef is over.  They respect each other now. Josh Koscheck was upset about it.

The coaches picked the semifinals fight pretty quick.  It will be Jonathan Brookins vs Kyle Watson and Micheal Johnson vs Nam Phan. I thought Dana would have wanted Jonathan and Kyle to meet in the finals, but Koscheck needs a guy to go all the way to the end.

I think the finals will be Jonathan Brookins vs Nam Phan. It will be a great show next time.

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The Happiest Day For Josh Koscheck on The Ultimate Fighter

Two fights in this episode.  Sako Chivitchian vs Jonathan Brookins will be the first match.  Sako is a judo expert, but in his last fight he didn’t look like his judo was that great.

Jonathan is supposedly the favorite to win. He looks like he has good jiu jitsu, but we didn’t get to see too much in his fights, because they didn’t last long.  I want Brookins to win because he is on Team GSP and he seems like a good sport that doesn’t talk trash.

The fight started with Sako being aggressive. Jonathan went in for the take down and tried to take Sako’s back, but Sako trained for that and put Jonathan’s back into the fence.

Sako attempted a judo throw and Jonathan ended up on top and went for the rear naked choke. Sako was able to defend against it for a little while, but Jonathan was patient and locked it in forcing Sako to tap.

Sako knew what was going to happen and they trained for it, but Jonathan is the real deal and got it in under 2 minutes.

Next up is Cody McKenzie vs Nam Phan.  This is a difficult fight because Nam is a humble guy who doesn’t swear and I would like to see him win, but he is on Team Koscheck. He is a better all around fighter, but Cody is an expert at one move, the guillotine.

Cody likes to tease Josh Koscheck and is the only one on the team that does so, but he is a good guillotine fighter.  If he grabs Nam’s head, the fight will be over.  If Nam can keep his head out of Cody’s arm pit, Nam will win.

Nam didn’t sound too confident in his pre-fight interview. He compared Cody to Randy Couture and other top fighters.  He said maybe Cody will lose now.

The fight started and Cody followed his game plan and listened to his corner. He drove Nam into the fence and tried to take him to the ground. Nam was able to fight it off, but Cody was still able to keep him against the fence.

Cody finally got Nam down, but was in Nam’s guard. Cody scooted Nam against the fence and started to try to ground and pound, but Nam got up and broke away.

Cody was persistent and got Nam against the fence again. Nam had good defense, but you can’t win a decision on defense.

Cody was tired with a minute left and Nam stepped up his boxing game and hit Cody a few times pretty solid.

The round ended and I think Cody won because he controlled the fight most of the time. Nam did land some solid punches, but I there weren’t enough of them.

Nam came out in the second round stronger than he did in the first. He knew he had to win the round to move on.  Cody was visibly tired, but he was still in the fight.  He couldn’t control Nam like he could in the first round, but he still went after him.

Nam looked like a different fighter in the second round. Cody couldn’t hold on to him and Nam was punching and kicking all the time. He had some good combinations and Cody looked finished.

Then Nam punched him in the ribs and it looked like he broke one. Cody dropped and the fight was over.  This is probably the fight Josh Koscheck wanted to win more than anything.

Josh is going to let Cody hear about this for the rest of his time in the house. No doubt about that.  Cody deserves the trash talk that he is going to get.

I am happy for Nam and I think he deserved the win.  I feel bad for Cody, but he was cocky about it.  And he needed a piece of humble pie.

Next week we see Aaron Wilkinson vs Kyle Watson and Michael Johnson vs Alex Caceres. I think they will both be good fights to watch.

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Will Marc Stevens Get Caught in Another Guillotine?

Alex Caceras has a hurt back so he hasn’t been training like the others. He stretches his back while the others are working hard. That is really going to hurt him when and if he fights.

The wild card decision upset a lot of people. Mark Stevens was choked out in 18 seconds. There were other fighters who put on a better fight than he did. Dana wanted to pick the best fighters on paper and not go off of their fights.

Koscheck was poking a stick and Medic Tate again. They started messing around and Josh was trying to poke him with a plunger and Tate was blocking with a garbage can.

There is a lot of tension between Alex “Bruce LeeRoy” Caceras and everybody else.  Everyone wants to fight him next.  We’ll find out who the lucky one will be.

The fight between Aaron Wilkinson and Marc Stevens will be a good fight. Marc showed that he doesn’t have a ground game.  He can punch hard, but that is about all we have seen.

Aaron is better on the ground, so if it goes there Aaron will win.  During the weigh in Josh pantsed Brad Tate and he.  Brad finally got under Joshes skin and Josh went up to Brad and put on a rape choke.

Koscheck was talking about how he doesn’t associate with guys like that, but it was Josh that started it all. I thought it was pretty funny. At least he admitted that Tate got under his skin.

Dane tried to separate them and Josh stuck his hand in Dane’s face to get away.  Josh claims he doesn’t really know who was doing what and went after Dane when he stormed off and semi-apologized. I was happy he at least did that.

Since Team GSP has 5 and Team Koscheck has 3, two teammates on GSP will have to fight each other.  Georges St-Pierre decided to have everyone write down the person they would want to fight on the team if they can’t fight someone from Team Koscheck.  Micheal Johnson wanted to fight Alex and Alex actually wrote down Michael, so if GSP has a say, they will each other.

The fight is getting ready to start and I want Aaron to win it. He is a better example of a good sport. He doesn’t have a hot head and talk a bunch of trash like Marc. Let’s face it, Aaron put on a better show in his last fight than Marc did.

The fighters know each other and have trained with each other. They started off pretty slow, just feeling each other out.

Marc scored a leg kick and went in for the take down. He got side control and then moved to a full mount. Aaron rolled over giving Marc his back then rolled back into full mount.

It went from full mount to the back a few times, but so far Marc was controlling the fight.

Aaron finally was able to get away, but Marc had his arm. Aaron was able to  to get his arm away, but he kept his head in to be threatened by a triangle.

Aaron wasn’t listening to his corner and kept his head there for the triangle.  The round ended, but I think Marc won that round. Aaron wasn’t able to completely get away from him.

The second round started and Aaron needed to step up and win this round.  He did come out swinging more, but didn’t land anything solid.  He went for a knee and Marc caught it and went to the ground with Aaron.  Aaron had him in a guillotine. Marc couldn’t get away and tapped.

Looking at the choke, it looked like he tapped early. I have seen tighter guillotines and the fighter didn’t tap.  I think he was scared once he got in that choke again and quit.  He won the first round and probably would have won the second if he would have gotten away.

The coaches met with Dana to pick the quarter finals. GSP wanted Alex and Michael to fight. Josh used it to find out the weaknesses and strengths of Team GSP fighters.

The fights will be:

Jonathan Brookins vs. Sako

Cody vs Nam Phan

Kyle Watson vs Aaron Wilkinson

Michael Johnson vs Bruce LeeRoy

Josh Koscheck was mad about the last two fights.  I can’t wait to see the Michael Johnson vs Alex Caceras fight.

Next week there will be two fights. Jonathan and Sako will be a good fight. Josh thinks Jonathan is the number one fighter.  I think he will win his fight.

Between Cody and Nam I think Cody will win. Nam has better stand up, but Cody is a guillotine expert and once he grabs on, the fight is over.

My guess is that Team Koscheck will not make it so the Semifinals.

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Team Koscheck Scores Two Wins on The Ultimate Fighter

This episode started it with the last fight announcement which will be Dane Sayers vs Sako Chivitchian.

For this fight I give it to Sako. Dane fought okay, but he didn’t look like he had a lot of skill compared to the other fighters.

Sako is a judo expert and will want to take it to the ground. If it goes there, which it probably will, he will win.  If they stay on there feet, Dane has a slight chance of winning.  Apparently Dane has heavy hands so he could knock out Sako, which is the only way he will win.

Brad Tate is a medic for team GSP and Koscheck started going after him.  Brad was getting upset and Josh was loving it.

Both of the fighters have a reason to be there and both really want it.  Sako has the ability to go all the way to the finals with his ground game.

The coaches challenge was a home run derby. Georges is from Canada and hasn’t played baseball before.

The get 10 pitches and 3 innings. One point if they hit it over the first fence, three points if it goes over the second fence, and 5 points if they hit a homerun.

Josh was up first and scored 7 points.  Georges started off pretty week  which is understandable since he hasn’t even held a bat before. He ended up with 3 points after the first inning.

Josh scored 9 the second inning and GSP scored 7.  16 to 10 going into the last inning.

Koscheck did great and got 18 points. GSP missed every ball and scored 0.  Josh Koscheck won.  This is his second win of the show.

This time Dane agreed to touch hands at the beginning of the fight.  They started pretty quick. Sako went in and Dane tried to pull him in a guillotine, which Sako was able to escape.

Luckily for Dane, he was able to stand up.  His strategy should be to strike, but he was fighting like he wanted to take him down.  To his credit Sako couldn’t take him down.

Hmm. Dane didn’t seem to do much. Sako was going after him, but Dane would back away. He would only engage when he was against the fence. His corner told him not to lock his hands and all he would do is lock his hands and try to take Sako down.

Dane went in for a take down. That really surprised me.  He would have got it, but Sako grabbed the fence.

The round ended and nothing really happened, but I gave it to Sako since he punched Dane and Dane didn’t throw many strikes at all.  Dane has to win this round decisively or Sako wins.

They both came out strong. Sako took Dane down, but he got up. Sako then took him down again and this time he stayed.

I thought the round would end that way, but Dane was able to get back to his feet once he decided to.  Not much damage was done when he was on the ground, but Dane has to do something to sway the judges.

One of the trainers said Dane has the heaviest hands, but he would throw any punches in this fight. He was content to hug Sako instead.

Dane almost took Sako down again, but like last time Sako grabbed the fense and it saved him.

I think Dane’s corner should explain that the winner isn’t decided by who hugs the longest, because that seemed to be his strategy.

Dane had good take down defense and Sako was not as impressive as I expected. I thought Sako won both rounds although the first round didn’t have much action. The judges agreed and gave Sako the win.

Based on this performance, I don’t see Sako making it to the finals.  He was funny at the end. He said if you want to take him down you have to take off his head.  He would have been taken down twice, but he grabbed the fence both times which saved him.

Dane wasn’t expected by anyone to win, but he did fight a defensive fight and it went to the judges.

The wild card was announced and it will be Aaron Wilkinson vs Marc Stevens.   I agree with Aaron. He fought well and deserves another chance.  Marc Stevens did knock out his first opponent, but he was also choked out in less than 20 seconds in his next fight.

It will be a good fight either way, but based on their last fights I thought a couple other fighters deserved to be there before Marc.

Scenes from the next episode show Koscheck rape choke Brad the medic.  That will be interesting to see.

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Team Koscheck is Silenced on The Ultimate Fighter

Team Koscheck won and when the team got back to the house they were yelling and screaming.  They were really rubbing it in. The problem was that Team GSP has won 3.

Josh Koscheck came to the house to help antagonize the other team. Micheal Johnson made it easy for them by talking back. They knew they were getting under his skin and went after him.

The fight pick was Marc Stevens vs. Cody McKenzie. After the stare down, Cody flicked Koscheck’s nose. I thought that was disrespectful, but Cody likes to give Josh a hard time. Josh does it quite a bit.

Cody is 11-0 and has one move, the guillotine.  He is good at it and can apply it different ways.  Marc is a good fighter and if he can keep it on their feet he will win.  If it goes to the ground, Cody will likely win.

This is the match-up of trash talkers. Marc has been given the nickname of lil Koscheck because he tries to imitate him and they knew each other before the show. Whoever wins this fight will really run his mouth.

I want Cody to win this fight, but I don’t like how he jabs the other team. I like the sportsmen on the show that are respectful in victory.

The round starts and Cody runs out swinging. Marc takes hims to the ground and Cody catches him in a guillotine and finishes the fight in under 20 seconds. Marc was the number one pick.

That was awesome!  I am glad Cody didn’t celebrate immediately after the fight. He was respectful and a good sport. Georges St-Pierre requested his team be respectful after the win.  He explained that it is a strategy. If you are nice and respectful they will expect you to come out soft and slow in the fight.

Koscheck’s locker room it was silent.

The next fight is Jonathan Brookins vs. Sevak Magakian.  This is a tough one to call.  Sevak really wants to fight Bruce LeeRoy and I would love to see that fight.

Brookins is good on the ground.  While GSP was training him they bumped heads and GSP got a cut on his eyebrow.

Sevak is a scrapper and has been training all his life.

I think Sevak will win this fight, but I want Team GSP to win so it is tough.

The fight started and they both bounced in front of each other for a while then engaged. It went to the ground pretty quick and Jonathan ended up on top. Not much happened and Sevak got up. Jonathan jumped on his back and got his hooks in.

Jonathan finally got his arm around the neck and Sevak fell down in the rear naked choke.  Another quick fight.  I underestimated Brookins.  He is a good fighter and he is a respectful winner.

I think it is humiliating for Koscheck to lose two fights in a row so quick, especially after all the trash he and his team talked after the one win.  There is one fight left before the prelims so Josh might get out with 2 wins.

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What? Team Koscheck Scores a Win

This episode started out with Team Koscheck.  Josh seems to really care about the fighters and it was nice to see. He brought in Jon Fitch to help them train and the team appreciated it.

Alex Carreras put bleach in the fabric softener. His teammate Michael Johnson used it and got pretty upset with him.  Everyone is tired of his pranks.

George St-Pierre brought in Jean Charles Skarbowsky, a Muay Thai Kickboxer to help train. He has a different discipline than everyone else.  He was drunk apparently and just beat up all the fighters without breaking a sweat.

Alex or Bruce LeeRoy continued to talk trash. He is playing the victim saying how everyone is against him. The other fighters try to help him out, but he wants to be the victim.  It is frustrating, because in the beginning of the show he seemed like a funny, happy-go-lucky guy. Now he is annoying.

Spencer Paige from Team GSP and Nam Phan from Team Koscheck were picked for the next fight.

For this fight I think Spencer Paige to win. Nam had a good fight, but he didn’t look like a solid fighter.

Spencer is a good stand up fighter, but isn’t very good on the ground. His strategy is to stay on his feet and knock Nam out.

Nam will want to take Spencer to the ground and finish him through some ground and pound, but he is a striker as well.  Nam has better conditioning so if it goes three rounds he will have a good chance of winning.

Chuck Liddel came in to hang out with Team Koscheck to help motivate them.

The fight began and Spencer came out pushing the pace, but Nam countered when he could.  Spencer landed a leg kick that dropped Nam, but he jumped right up.  Nam landed a strike and dropped Spencer to return the favor, but Spencer got up before anything else happened.

After Spencer was dropped he was no longer pressing the action. Nam was pushing forward and Spencer would strike or kick as he backed away.

Spencer already looked gassed with two minutes left in the first round. Nam doesn’t look like he is sweating yet.  Nam caught Spencer’s kick and dropped him.  This time he stood above him and dropped bombs.

Spencer didn’t look like he knew what to do on his back. All he did is up kick.. Nam finally went to the ground and tried to submit Spencer. Spencer would not tap, but it looked like his arm was hurt.

Nam broke Spencer and now it looks like Nam has this fight. He won the first round.

The second round began with Nam pressing forward with much more confidence. Spencer still through strikes and kicks, but they didn’t have the same power they had at the beginning of the first round.

Spencer landed a kick to the head that seemed to hurt Nam. He was able to follow up with some strikes, but no more damage.

Spencer would fall when he kicked to the head and the third time Nam jumped on him. This time Spencer was able to get up.

With about a minute twenty left Spencer seemed to get a spark of life, but it only lasted for a couple kicks and then he was back to his tired self.  He has to finish strong or Nam is taking the fight.

Spencer just looked like he was hurt.  I couldn’t tell if it was a rib or arm, but something seemed injured.

The fight ended and I gave it to Nam. The judges agreed and gave the win to Nam.

Josh was really happy with the win and, of course, talked some trash. Apparently the cockiness transferred to his team. We’ll see what happens in the next episode which will feature two fights.

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GSP Gets Three on The Ultimate Fighter

Mike Tyson was on at the beginning of the show and he is a pretty deep guy. He was giving the team some encouraging words and telling them not to be afraid, but to be confident. He said confidence breeds success and success breeds confidence.

He also told them that confidence needs to be applied properly.  I think that is true.  Confidence and cocky are different and confidence applied wrong is cockiness.

Koscheck’s team was pretty upset that Alex was yelling F’ Him Up during the fight.   Alex kept talking and really made Sevak mad.  He really wants to fight in the ring.

Alex, Bruce LeeRoy, decided to take on the roll of the of the guy that causes trouble in the house.  It is really too bad, because he is a funny guy.  He just got really cocky after he won his fight.

GSP still has control of the fights. He picked Kyle Watson versus Andrew Main. This is another odd match-up. They are both jui jitsu fighters. Kyle is much older and has more experience, so Team GSP feels he will win.

Koscheck is really trying to get under George St-Pierre’s skin, but it doesn’t seem to be working…yet.

It sounds like Andy is a faster and quicker fighter, but Kyle is slow, methodical, stronger, and seasoned.  I will give this fight to Kyle, but Andy looks like he could get the upset win.

Team GSP did a lot of psychological training for Kyle. They rehearsed his entry, did a mock fight and they raised his hand at the end.  I haven’t seen that type of psychological preparation on the show before. We’ll see if it pays off.

They fight started and they both had similar plans; punch and kick a little and find an opening for a take down. They both landed some good strikes and it went to the fence.

Andy jumped on Kyle’s back and got his hooks in while standing. Kyle did good controlling Andy’s arms from getting a choke, but Andy was able to score some rabbit punches.

It finally went to the ground, but Kyle didn’t quite get Andy off on the drop.  Kyle was able to get on top and escape the cumorah attempt.  This is where Kyle is supposed to dominate.

Andy did a good job keeping Kyle off.  Kyle was able to land a hard strike on another attempt at getting on top and he was pulled into Andy’s guard.  Kyle couldn’t control Andy on the ground.  He just needed to look like he was punishing him for the last 30 seconds and he would win the round, which he was able to accomplish.

Kyle won the first round, but Andy is not to be taken lightly.

The second round started like the first. Andy threw strikes and kicks while Kyle waited for timing. Andy went in swinging and Kyle was able to take him down within 30 seconds of the round.

Andy attempted a triangle which allowed Kyle to move into side mount.  Andy was able to pull him back into half guard.  Kyle didn’t strike much which was surprising.

Kyle got up to try to get a better position and ended up taking Andy’s back with a weak body lock on him, but then transitioned to planting his hooks. He was able to lock in a rear naked choke for the win.

Koscheck was pretty upset about it and started to kicking things. Josh walked out before the announcement was made.  He was able to gain control before he spoke with Andy.

It was a pretty good episode. Nothing out of control yet, but they showed scenes that still haven’t happened.  Bruce LeeRoy looks like his is trying to get hit, but we’ll see what happens.

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James Fires David on The Apprentice

This week on The Apprentice, the task was to run a doggy day spa and create a value added bonus. On the men’s team, James took on the role of project manager. We didn’t get to see if it was his idea or if Wade suggested it like the previous tasks.

On the women’s team, Tyana was the project manager.  For Liza’s sake the women needed to win.  The women, with the exception of Liza and Mahsa, worked well together.  Their added value was to make the lowest day, Tuesday, a special day by providing a report card, or schedule of what the dog did that day, along with a picture.

Wade came up with an idea of providing access to a webcam so owners could peak in on their dogs while they were at work.  I thought that was a pretty good idea.  They also wanted to make it a red carpet event for the dogs.

The problem the men had was James went in to the task with the idea that he needs to manage David.  If you remember, David is the arrogant jerk that rolls his eyes and picks fights with everybody.

The men were speaking with the owner and asking questions. David asked what sort of discipline  they use for the dogs and James told him basically to be quiet and that question was relevant at the time.

James may have been right, but it was one question.  David asked questions like Cyndi Lauper then I could understand, but it was one simple question.  David then muttered profanities “under his breath” that everyone, including the store owner, could hear.

James pulled David aside and talked to him in earshot of everyone else.  James really should have let it go. You can’t micro manage jerks that have no respect for you. David is like a spoiled 7 year old and confrontation only adds fuel to his spoiledness.

David said he never wanted to lose a task more than this one. Normally those are words that will get you fired, but James really was lacking in the leadership department.  Maybe it is because he is an attorney and used to dealing with other elitists, but he just didn’t know how to communicate with his team and nobody respected him.

The men bought green astro turf instead of red and then forgot the nails.  David was going to make nails out of  a binder clip and James wanted him to work on the webcams.  David showed his lack of respect and James told him to leave.

On the women’s team Mahsa wanted to be at the front to welcome people because she worked 15 years in her mom’s salon.  Tyana wanted to work the front because she was the project manager and honestly she needed to be in a role that looked like she was in charge.  Also she was ecstatic to meet Cesar Millan.

Liza was in charge of a task that the other women thought should take her a couple hours at most, but took her all day and then she didn’t even get it right.  That wasn’t so bad, but the women still had hard feelings over her outburst back in the room last week after the board room.

Mahsa was put back with the dogs, which was a good place for her to keep her out of the way.  She was upset and really wanted to see Tyana fired for not giving her what she wanted.

When the judges, Cesar and the two owners of the dog salon, came by the women’s team Tyana was smiling and talking directly to Cesar. She knew exactly what she was going to say and did a good job of explaining it and showing energy.

When they visited the men’s team, James didn’t seem like he knew what to say so some of the other men added things to try to help him out. James had no energy in his voice ad the team did not look like they had any unity.

In the board room, the women went after Liza and she was almost in tears. David went after James and the team followed.  A couple of the men did express their frustration with David since he was disruptive and swore in front of the store owner, but most of the complaining was on James.

The women won and James chose David and Wade to join him in the board room. Wade asked why him, and James told him that he has been trying to stay under the radar.  I am glad he noticed and brought it to the attention of Donald Trump.

With just the three of them Wade made a strategic move and supported David’s actions and joined him in blaming everything on James.  Wade said he would be project manager next time.

In this task, Wade didn’t do anything to warrant going to the boardroom. The cameras were his idea and he told everyone that he has spent thousands of dollars on training for his dogs. He had experience with dog day cares from a dog owner’s point of view and James didn’t utilize him like he could have.

Between David and James, I think they both should have been fired.  I wanted to support James on this one so I would feel better about David getting fired, but James just didn’t know how to lead.  I don’t know what it is about attorneys, but on this show the attorneys are awful.

David is a spoiled jerk with no respect for anyone and James is an uptight elitist. On this task I think James should have handled David differently and gave him the same amount of respect he gave the other men.  I don’t think it was a no brainer, but James was fired.

After the show he got a job with the New York District Attorneys office.  I think that is good for him. That is the crowd he can communicate with.

Overall, I think the show is getting better. Once David and Mahsa are gone I think the teams will be able to work better and accomplish better things.

Oh, and is Ivanka Trump pregnant did her outfit just make her look that way?

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Mike Tyson Visits The Ultimate Fighter

Bruce LeeRoy got drunk after the fight and was talking about it to Jeff and rubbing it in.  He was talking about it too much.  The other fighters were getting sick of hearing him.

In GSP’s training they seemed to be learning and they didn’t show anybody complaining and giving up. In Koscheck’s training, some of the fighters seemed to be complaining and quiting. It was making Josh mad.  He talked to them and it seemed to get them to finish training.

If the team is quiting like that in practice it will be hard for them to finish when they fight.

George St-Pierre picked the next fight and choose Michael Johnson versus Aaron Wilkinson.  Michael is the favorite so this will be interesting.  Aaron is pretty good so this will be a great fight to watch.

Koscheck played a prank on GSP.  They parked their cars right next to his car on either side so he couldn’t open any of his doors.  George was still able to squeeze in and get his car out.

Watching Wilkinson’s training it looks like Wilkinson is a better striker than Johnson.  Johnson has better ground and pound. If Wilkinson can keep it on their feet, he will probably win.  If it goes to the ground Johnson will probably win.

In this fight I am picking Wilkinson to win. He seems more confident and he is quicker. I want GSP to win the whole thing though.

Mike Tyson came to talk to Team GSP.  Mike is getting old, but he is a legend.

The round started and Aaron threw some strikes. That woke Michael up and he returned the strikes and then took Aaron down. He wasn’t able to do much on the ground and Aaron got back up.

After trading punches, Michael took Aaron down with a nice take down. Aaron got back up pretty quick but took some punishment along the way.  Aaron pushed Michael up against the fence and then was able to score a take down himself.

Michael just laid there. He didn’t try to get up while Aaron dropped elbows on his face. After a bit more than a minute, Michael finally moved and pulled Aaron into his guard.

The round ended and Aaron stole the round with the take down and pounding he gave Michael.

The second round started with Michael landing a solid strike. It phased Aaron for a second, but Michael didn’t do anything with it and they wrapped up.

Aaron made a mistake and tried to take Michael down in his guard.  Micheal tried to get him in a choke, but couldn’t hold him.  Aaron got out and then took Michael down just like in the first round.

This time Michael didn’t lay there and he got up and then immediately took Aaron down.  He pounded him for a little bit, but Aaron got up.

They both were really tired and didn’t have anything behind their punches.  Michael has to win this round if he wants a chance of winning the fight.

Michael pushed Aaron up against the fence, but didn’t do too much damage. Aaron broke away and then pushed Michael up against the fence attempting to take him down. Michael was able to stuff the take down and the round ended.

It was a tough call. I think it was too close to call and would have to go to a third round.  The judges gave it to Michael and they are going to a third round.

They were both so tired. It all comes down to who wants it more. Michael came out swinging and took Aaron down. He had more energy than he did in the first round.

He pounded Aaron  and then got him in a rear naked choke. Michael wanted it more. It reminded me of the training they showed where Koscheck’s team quit during practice.

I think Michael wanted to win in front of Mike Tyson. That third round was a completely different fighter. The first two rounds showed someone that was slow and lacked confidence.  The third round was great.

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The Teams Are Even After The Second Episode Of The Apprentice

This episode was better than the previous.  The project managers were picked. On the men’s team Wade was able to deflect the responsibility once again by being the first to speak up and suggest someone. This time he said David said he would step up.  David had to step up at that time and he was the project manager.

On the women’s team, Poppy took on the role of project manager.

The task was to sell ice cream and the team that earns the most, wins.  On the men’s team David assigned James with the task of picking the location.  He chose Union Square and they took off selling.

They didn’t have an organized strategy and they didn’t start off very well.  They set their price at $3 for an ice cream sandwich.  They were very aggressive with their selling and scared a lot of people off.

Steuart and Anand were the clear salesmen on the team. Everyone contributed, but they were able to close more.

The women also chose Union Square. Poppy place Stephanie in charge of sales since she has a sales background.  Apparently she also has a background in mico-managing because she was criticizing everything the women did.

The two teams didn’t run into each other on the first day, but as the men tried out different spots the women moved into one of the the men’s old spots and started to do quite well. They set their price at $5.

James was concerned about the selling tactics and talked to David about it.  He brushed him off and nothing changed.  James and Alex went out to get some sort of uniform so they could look like a team. They brought back barber shop type striped vests and hats.

The women started off really slow, but picked up the pace by trying to sell cases instead of individual ice cream.  That worked out and they sold a few.  They also decided to get uniforms and chose pink tank tops and a large flower headband.

The men felt the area just wasn’t working and they moved to another location.  They did well there and made a lot of sales.

The second day the men decided to go back to their first spot which just happened to be where the women found success.  The men got their first and were selling. The women showed up and decided to set up right next to them. Teams fought over customers and the women ended up moving.

The didn’t move very far so the men started poaching their potential customers. The women started complaining about how childish and immature it was which I found amusing.  The women invaded the men’s area first and that was perfectly adult of them.  It gets better.

At the end of the day the women went back over to the men’s area and gave free ice cream to anyone the men tried to sell to. I guess that was revenge.

The points I think are important to take from this task are:

  1. In sales hunters always bag more sales than fishermen.  You have got to be a little aggressive, but not so much that you scare people off. Many people may want the ice cream, but might be too shy to go over to the cart and buy some, but if approached they just can’t say ‘no’.
  2. Have a uniform. If there are more than one of you, it is important to dress the same and send people out to direct traffic to your cart.   People will know you are part of a group and you will get more sales.
  3. Bulk sales might take more time than a single sale, but you will sell more in less time if you go after bulk sales. The women did this and the men did not.

In the board room Donald Trump asked Poppy who was the weakest member.  She didn’t want to answer, but finally said that Liza was less strong than everyone else.  I can’t disagree with her. In the task they set a firm price of $5 and Liza went out right away and said it is $5, but she can give it to them for $3. They lost sales because of this. Liza just didn’t know what to do.

Others on the team agreed and Trump said Liza, you’re fired!  Then he said just kidding.  I thought that was pretty mean. I think Trump was either high or he had to sleep on the coach the night before, because he was on one.

Mahsa was strategically quiet in this task which I think was very smart of her.  Trump asked her if she thinks her team won and she said she knows they won. Trump didn’t like that response and went on about how she can’t know and doesn’t know if they won. He said she should say she thinks they won.

I thought that was pretty silly of him which led me to believe that something was up with him.

He asked Gene if he thought the men won and Gene said absolutely which Trump took as “I absolutely know we won” and went off on Gene.

He announced that the women made $1800 and the men made $1500 so Gene was wrong. The women were dismissed and David decided to keep James and Alex. He said Alex was like a puppy and he had to spend too much time watching them both.  I was surprised that he brought James back since the men were happy with the locations he chose.

During the task the editing never showed David watching over James and Alex so I think everyone was surprised to hear his reason. The did sell the least amount of ice cream so he could have used that excuse instead of an insulting one, but that is David.

In the board room one false move and you are gone.  Trump asked Alex if he was in their league. He responded by saying he thinks he can be in their league, immediately following that he said he is in their league.

That did it for him and he was fired.

Back in the room with the women, Liza was still upset and called Poppy the B word when she tried to apologize and put it behind them. Everyone attacked her for that and now she will be next on the women’s hit list.

After the taxi ride of shame they showed us how Alex has since found his dream job of becoming a construction manager.  I like how they are doing that this season.  They do not, however, show the rewards like they had in the past.

In this show the smartest or most qualified does not win, it is the person that most closely resembles a scorpion. You have to be able to smile to your teammates’ face while simultaneously stabbing them in the back. That is what Trump wants to see and that is who stays.

That isn’t the way business should be and this show only adds to the hatred of capitalism because of it.

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