Update On The Restaurant Fiasco

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In an earlier post, I mentioned the drama that took place around my wife and I selling BBQ from our front yard with verbal permission and a cop came and told us we didn’t have permission then proceeded to give me a ticket.

On a bit of a tangent, I was speaking with a neighbor who had stopped by to buy some BBQ about the situation and he said that when he was at the city office getting a business license a call came in from the corn selling folks about somebody selling peaches from their front yard a couple doors down from their tent.

The lady said if they receive a complaint, they have to investigate.  He said she didn’t seem too thrilled about having to call the cops on somebody for selling peaches from their home.  It made me wonder if somebody, like the drive-inn restaurant two doors down from us, called to shut us down  or if the cop that was called to stop the illegal peach selling operation was in a good mood and wanted “bust” somebody else.

We were scheduled to appear in court August 31 at 10:00am.  Charlie was going to be there to tell the judge what had happened, but was talking to everyone he could about it before then to try to take care of it.  He was finally able to speak with the guy that told him it wouldn’t be a problem.  The guy suddenly remembered what really happened when he was confronted by Charlie.  He was supposed to talk to the prosecutor about what he said, but he didn’t think that would do anything.

I think a city official saying it wouldn’t be a problem to sell BBQ from my front yard is a big deal since I got a ticket for not having permission from the city to do business in my yard.  I don’t know if he spoke with the prosecutor or not, but I think he did.

I got a call today from the city and they told me they dropped the charge against me and I don’t have to go to court.  I am happy the guy that “remembered the wrong conversation” to the cop didn’t have so much pride that he stuck to that story instead of admitting he was at fault.

There is hope for our city officials.


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