New Year Resolution Time

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fireworksIt is that time of year again were people all over the world make their resolutions. Resolutions are usually to exercise, eat healthy, be more productive, spend more time with family and loved ones.

Unfortunately the resolutions generally only last a couple weeks.  You may sign up for a one year contract to a gym, but get too sore after the first day to go back a second time.

Or you may go a few days of only eating baby spinach, but then you find a candy bar hidden in the pack of your pantry.

Resolutions only require words.  This year why not set New Year Results.  Results are really what you are after anyway.  Where resolutions only require words, results require action.

I was reading over the post I did last year at this time of year and I decided to keep my commitments.  I did keep my commitments for the most part, but there were some times where I did not keep my commitments I made to myself.

This year I plan to create results rather than words.  Of course I have written them down already and put them up where I can see them.

Results aren’t written in the future, they are in the present.  I wrote them as if I have the results now and now reality just has to catch up to the reality I have written.

Now we have a new year and a new decade ripe and ready for us to shape the way we want it.  I am excited to post in a year to see how things have done.

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