What Does The Name Jordan Mean?

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jordan_nameWhat does the name Jordan mean?  I should have answered that question long ago.  Some say it means greatness or the ability to stay in the air for an abnormal period of time.  It could mean to play basketball better than anyone else or it could be a great shoe.

Jordan is Hebrew in origin meaning descending or down flowing.  It is the name of a major river in Palestine, the Jordan River.  It is pronounced JOR dan and is a male name.  It is gaining popularity as a female name as is the case with many male names.  Female spellings often vary.

Jordan was first used as a given name during the Crusades.  It has gained popularity more recently by the famous basketball player Michael Jordan.

I posted before about different ways of spelling Jordan, but here is a list again. Jordaan,  Jordain,  Jorden, Jordin, Jordon,  Jordyn,  Jourdain,  Jourdaine, Jourdan

The nickname for Jordan is Jordy or Jordi.

In addition to being a river, Jordan is also the name of a country located in the Middle East and borders Syria, Saudi Arabia, the Red Sea, Palestine, Israel, and Iraq.

I am the king of Jordan, unless you are talking about the country and in that case it is King Abdullah II.

Now if you were wondering what does the name Jordan mean, now you know.

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#1 JR on 10.09.09 at 10:41 pm

Does it also mean “epitome”?

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