Internet Marketing Is Easy – Pet Chinchilla Case Study

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At least that is what the gurus try to tell you.  There is one particular strategy that many of the top Internet marketers teach and that has to do with finding keywords.

The strategy goes something like this:

Find keywords that are searched about 10,000-30,000 times a month on Google’s keyword tool.

Use those keywords as article titles or domain names.

Then get thousands of visitors to your site for free.

That sounds simple enough doesn’t it?  It isn’t as simple as that and I’ll show you why.

I’ll walk through the system of finding keywords they use.  You want to look for a niche that isn’t overly commercialized like weight loss or make money in the next 5 minutes.

I decided to go with chinchillas as an example.   I searched Chinchilla as the term and this is a list of what came up.

broadI highlighted the default match type which is broad and the term pet chinchilla so you could see how many searches there were last month (18,100) and how many in an average month (14,800).

This is the method the gurus tell you to follow.  You would then buy the domain or title your article or post  with Pet Chinchilla.  Over the next few days or weeks your site would then climb its way to the top of the search engines and land on the first page, or so they say.

Here is what they do not tell you.  Broad match means the words pet and chinchilla are both in the search phrase, but not necessarily only pet chinchilla or even in that order.

Phrases such as chinchilla pet store, chinchilla as pet, pet chinchilla care, pet chinchilla cages, pet baby chinchilla, etc all are included in the pet chinchilla search totals.

To find out exactly how many searches were done for just pet chinchilla we need to change the match type from broad to exact.  Here is a screen shot of the difference.

exactNow you can see the searches for September where actually only 1,300 for pet chinchilla and not 18,100 as we previously thought.  With this extra information we can see that targeting pet chinchilla isn’t going to bring in as much traffic as we thought.

If you use the exact match type search to do your research you will have more applicable numbers to help you make a decision as to whether or not the keyword can be profitable to target.

Following this strategy can be profitable if you do it properly.  The extra step I showed you isn’t taught for a reason.  It works!  Internet marketing gurus don’t want to give away the secrets they are using until they are saturated.  The field is still open for smaller niches following this technique so get started now.

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