I Have Blisters On My Fingers!

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I have been typing so much lately that I am forming blisters, especially on my left pinky finger.  I have been adding products and writing articles for about 10 hours a day to get this new site full of products and in the search engines.  I use my left pinky finger to hit the shift button and I do it so much that it is tender. I have tried using my right pinky finger to press shift, but it takes me too long to stop and think about it.

I am adding around 50+ products a day and have recently started writing articles for article directories that will target a couple keywords.  My plan is to write 10 articles over a 2 week period and target the same two keywords in all ten articles.  Then I will pick two more keywords and write another ten articles about them.

My criteria for choosing keywords is pretty simple.  They must have over 10,000 exact searches a month minimum and, for now, less than 1,000,000 results in Google.  Since I have a variety of products on my site I am only going to do about 10 keywords per category.

The idea is that I will be able to get on the first page of Google for the keywords I selected from all the articles.  Since the search results are low, it shouldn’t be too hard for me to get to the first page if not the first position for each keyword.

I am getting about 10-20 visits to my site from Google, and then more from various other sources.  It is interesting to see which searches bring people to my site and has helped my optimize my site better now that I can see which searches tend to bring daily visitors.

The searches help bring insight also.  For example, today someone searched “sick sport coupon code”.  I don’t have any coupon codes, because I already have the retail price and the discount price displayed.  I can’t really lower prices anymore or I would be paying people to buy the product in many cases.

The search got me thinking.  Would someone be more inclined to buy from me if I showed a smaller discount of say 5% then offered a 10% coupon code or would more convert if I offered a 20% instant discount reflected in the price with no code.  People want to get hooked up, and a code is a hook up, but if everyone gets it, is it really a hook up?

For now I will continue to show the retail prices and also show the discount price.  Right now is shows the price as:

$150 $120
Save: 20% off

But I am thinking of changing that to Instant Discount, Instate Rebate, of Special Buy instead of Save.  I’ll check out what some of the major online retailers are doing and copy that since they have the money to test that sort of thing.

It has been fun working on the site and I still have other tweaks that I need to do, but most of them are cosmetic mostly.


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