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I just wanted to quickly update you on the progress of my 10 blogs.  I am getting visits on at least half of them everyday.  Only a couple get more than 1 visit, but it is a start.

So far I have not generated any revenue from any of them, but that is to be expected still for another month.

I have started twitter campaigns for all of them, but haven’t optimized them yet as it does take some time to do that.  Here is what I do.

Every post is created into a tweet via the twitter tools wp plugin.  I haven’t yet setup accounts  for each of them, but I will do that. shortens the URL since twitter only allows 140 characters.

An important part of twitter is friends.  People need to follow you on twitter in order for it to be effective.  To do that I will be setting up an account with (formerly Tweetlater) which has a free membership level that will automatically follow anyone that follows you.  This is important because if you do not follow people that follow you, they will often unfollow you.  I have noticed that for my twitter account for this site.  Right now I have 35 followers, but that number ranges from 2-35 because I haven’t been following people that follow me.

SocialOomph also allows you to schedule tweets which is really nice. You can set up 3 or 4 tweets a day for a week and do it in only a few minutes.  This will show that you are and active tweeter and should allow you to retain your followers.

TweetDeck is another free program that I use.  It automatically alerts me when anyone I am following tweets.  It can handle multiple twitter accounts and you can tweet from it also.

With the tweets I will post one blog post and then a couple quotes or news articles everyday.

I will also add about 20 people a day to increase my following.  Most of those people should follow me back, but if they don’t another free tool to use is  It is a site that shows people who you are following that are not following you back. You can then remove them or tweet about how they aren’t following you and they should then follow you.

There is plenty to do with twitter, but the key is to make sure you are creating value and interact with other people. Don’t try to sell people every hour or they will soon stop following you.

Looking on tweetdeck I am following 37 people right now. In the last hour one person tweeted 4 times selling different unrelated affiliate products. There is another guy that tweets every hour selling various stock programs.  The first guy has 4831 followers and the second has 2050 followers.  The problem with their tweets is they don’t add any value at all.

Here is an example of each recent tweet: “3,000+ of the hottest most sought after online products, only $9.95″ then a url.

The second guy has this: “What if your computer would tell what stocks to buy AND sell?” followed by a url

As  rule, you should have at least 2 hours between tweets and you should have 2 value creation tweets for every 1 money tweet.

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