This little EA of mine…

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This expert advisor is doing quite well now that it is fixed.  I am now up about 25% on my account for the month.  My demo is up 59% this month.  I am trading the AUDUSD on the demo and not live.  I also have a few other parameters different.  The demo has a little more risk than my live account does.

Of course the true test of an expert advisor is over a period of 6 months to a year.  The market has cycles just like nature does.  There are trending times and consolidating times.  An EA needs to prove itself during those times in order to know if it will perform profitably over the long run.

I have been working on this EA for three months now and it has been profitable every month if the rules were met.  Time will tell if this is a program that can earn a living or not.


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