Forex Expert Advisor Fixed

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After months of working on my Expert Advisor (EA) I finally sought professional help.  A guy out of Singapore took a look at it the next day had the code cleaned up and working right.  I have been working on the program for months, but since I am not a programmer I thought the code made sense.  

This is the equity graph on the USDJPY.

That EA worked great, but it would place trades when the rules weren’t met.  Those false trades were eating up literally all of my profits.  In fact yesterday alone it went long on the USDCAD, but should have been looking to go short.  That trade ate up all my profit and a little more for the month.  Fortunately I am back in the black again, but it is frustrating to see all that profit gone when it shouldn’t be.  I am now up 1% for the month where I was up about 16% only two days ago.

The lesson I learned from all of this is to outsource the areas of my life where I am not proficient.  There are some extremely intelligent people all over the world that can easily be found through the Internet.  I would have saved so much money if I would have sought help when I realized there was a problem that I could not solve in a reasonable amount of time.


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