The Celebrities Are Safe For Another Task On Celebrity Apprentice

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This latest episode of the Celebrity Apprentice really surprised me for several different reasons.

The teams were unbalanced to Trump moved Curtis Stone to Tenacity and then put Sharon Osbourne and Maria Kanellis on Rock Solid with Bret Michaels.

I don’t think the teams could have been better. Rock Solid worked well together and had a little too much fun in the process.  I was happy to see a team having fun this late in the game.

The task was to create a workout program for 24 Hour Fitness.  It was also a fund raising task.  They would be judged by the 24 Hour Fitness execs and the team the liked the best would win $24,000 to add on top of the money they raised.

Sharon heard fund raising and wanted to be the project manager for Rock Solid.  Holly Robinson Peete was the team manager for Tenacity.  The project started off in Typical Holly style by complaining about one or more team members in case they lose.  She chose Cyndi Lauper as the topic of her complaints because Cyndi had to leave for the day to do something with Lady GaGa.

Here is where things changed.  Curtis took over the task with Summer Sanders and Holly was on the outskirts looking on. The shocking thing was that she complimented Curtis for this.  In previous tasks she would have been fighting with the person that even attempted to step on her toes.

Holly did fund raising and left the everything else to Curtis and Summer.  She tasked Cyndi with raising $30,000 since there wasn’t much she could do while she was away.

Summer and Curtis came up with a Tenacity Buns & Guns theme for the workout and that was about as creative as they got.  The workout its self wasn’t anything special. It was a typical workout program and it worked well.

RockSolid was a different story.  They all participated in the brainstorming and laughed the whole time. They came up with a Rock Star Boot Camp theme complete with a backstage pass looking thing. Their creative work was leaps and bounds ahead of Tenacity.

I really underestimated Bret Michaels in the beginning. He often takes the fall when things go wrong, but he is a hard worker and has a creative mind.  He doesn’t function well in a typical business environment, but excels when he can relax and laugh.  He really could make it to the end.

In the board room RockSolid won the $24,000 because their workout was memorable and unique.  They named their moves, some of them inappropriate, based on a rock concert setting.  They had the air guitar, wave to your friends, and the memorable tour bus thrust.

Another surprising thing, also with Holly, was that she complimented the entire team and was even brought to tears.  She praised Summer for raising money and didn’t through anybody on her team under the bus.  All I could say was “Wow”.

RockSolid was no different. It was a love fest. Nobody pointed the finger at anyone on their team. Curtis said Maria should be fired because she isn’t loyal.  I honestly don’t know where that came from.  She seemed to work hard every task and the last one with the Cyndi melt down was the only time she showed weakness.

Holly pointed at Sharon saying she said she wanted to go home. Sharon called Holly a tittle-tattle.  Sharon did say that, but she didn’t show any signs of wanting to go home during the task.

Another surprise was learning that Donald Trump is an English scholar.  Cyndi said she feels bad for Maria and didn’t want to fire her. Trump interrupted her and said, “You feel badly.” The funny part was that Cyndi was correct.  She felt bad for Maria, emotion.  If she was sick or in pain then she would say she feels badly.  I am surprised they didn’t cut that part out in the editing booth.

The task was won on money and not creative. RockSolid raised a total of  $131,803 including the $24,000 from 24 Hour Fitness.  Tenacity raised $206,090 and won the task.

I was sad. I thought RockSolid had a great team and I really wanted to see them in another task.  Sharon was willing to fall on the blade for the team, but in another surprising move Donald decided not to fire anybody.  He said a lot of money was raised and there was no loser.

The last surprise of the night was when Holly said she would write a check out to Sharon’s charity.  There is a soft side to Holly. It will be interesting to see if she has changed.

Between Curtis Stone and Bret Michaels, I think Bret will last the longest.  He is more creative than Curtis and Trump seems to like him.

From the women, I don’t think Sharon will last much longer. She doesn’t want to fight anymore.  Summer Sanders is working hard, but Holly has a place ready for Summer under a bus.  Cyndi has wisdom and experience over Holly, but she has been called out in almost every board room.  Maria works hard, but she also has been called out.  Once that happens Donald remembers.  I think either Holly, Cyndi, or Maria could be the last women.  Or two of them could be the final two.

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