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Another episode of The Celebrity Apprentice has past and this one really through off my picks.  Before I get into that, let’s recap…

The governor picked Sinbad as project manager for the men.  Politicians are good at delegating.   Sinbad appeared to be bothered by it, but tried his best to seem like it was his idea.

On the womens team Maria Kanellis, the former WWE diva, accepted the role of project manager. On both teams everyone was coming up with excuses as to why they wouldn’t be the best for the job.

The task assigned to the teams this week was to create a Kodak moment incorporating the them of sharing.

The men started off slow as the editing did a wonderful job of showing Sinbad mumbling and not completing a sentence as he jumped around from idea to idea.  The men had no direction and none of them could decipher Sinbad’s plan.

Brett Michaels was the most disturbed by Sinbad’s lack of delegation.  Brett asked several times for something to do and Sinbad seemed to ignore him.  In fact no one appeared to have been assigned anything.

The first day ended and the men hoped the ideas swimming around in Sinbad’s head would materialize.

On a side note, I was dissappointed with Sinbad’s leadership.  After all, I thought he had an excellent chance of making it to the end.

On the women’s team, Cindy Lauper was the “problem” person.  She seemed to have more of a scooter of thought rather than a train of thought since she didn’t seem to be able to stay focused on anything.

The team needs Cindy because of her celebrity power otherwise she would have (and should have) been fired after the first task.

The second day arrived and Sinbad seemed irritated with Brett for being late again.  In Brett’s defense, he is a rock star and 10 minutes late is really early.

The men seemed to have pulled everything together despite the loose leadership they experienced.  I thought they had a better set up than the women.

There were different stations were people could take pictures with the celebrities in their different elements.

Daryl Strawberry seems to be the strongest player, celebrity-wise, because many people came in to take pictures with him.  Daryl is really surprising me.  I thought he would be a quiet nice guy that wouldn’t last too  long, but now I am seeing he has the capability of going all the way since the show seems to be more of a popularity contest than who really does the best job.  Not that he is doing a bad job.

The men failed to guide the people to the different stations and give them any direction.  They also did not explain any of the products.

They did utilize the Kodak gallery website where all the pictures would be placed for people to access which I thought was a great idea.

The women had sub-par decorations compared to the men, which is unusually.  They also had stations for people to take pictures, but didn’t seem to be as organized as the men.

They had Sharon Osbourne handling the refreshments.  That wouldn’t be so bad except Sharon fell ill the day before and was coughing all over the food.  She covered her mouth with each hand and passed out cupcakes and drinks with those hands.  That about made me sick, as I imagine most of the people that accepted food from her actually did become sick.

The women had a couple stations where people could pick up the pictures they took.  The problem was it was a table with pictures spread all over.  We could hear comments that people have been looking for the pictures for 20 minutes.

The women had a lot of equipment plugged in which would trip the breaker.  Instead of leaving some things unplugged, obvious I know, they would turn everything back on and the power would go off again.  It happened many times and I thought that may cost them the win.

The women did better than the men in two areas. First they had someone telling people what it was all about and where to go when the first entered the room.

They also had Summer Sanders explaining all of the products.  I think that is the reason the women won the task.  Kodak makes money when people buy merchandise and the pictures were great, but nobody was shown the available products on the men’s team.

In the board room the women seemed nervous and the men seemed close to confident.  During the task Holly Robinson Peete was preparing to through Maria under the bus if they lost, but they could have easily thrown Cindy under since she couldn’t stay focused and was a distraction.

On the men’s team there really wasn’t anyone to blame other than Sinbad.  I tried to think of a reason to blame one of the other men, but there really weren’t any reasons.

Sinbad brought Brett Michaels and Rod Blagojevich back to the board room.  He brought Brett because he left for a while to cool off, and Rod because he couldn’t bring any of the others, or so he said. I think he brought Rod back because he just doesn’t like him.

With just the three of them, there was no way out for Sinbad.  The men were being respectful of each other for now. I don’t know that it will continue as time goes on.

Sinbad was fired and his parting words from the car ride home were to say whatever you have to in the board room; throw someone under the bus if you have to and then apologize and shake their hand after.

Now after watching a couple episodes I can see Brett Michaels and Rod Blagojevich being fired next, but it is hard to see any of the others.  I suppose more will be revealed when they are the project manager.

On the women’s team I think Holly Robinson Peete will go to the final two women.  The othe woman will be either Cindy Lauper or Sharon Osborn.

I think Holly will make it because she isn’t afraid to show her claws, but she doesn’t have the celebrity that Sharon and Cindy have.

I think Maria Kanellis and Salita Ebanks will be the next to go from the women’s team because Holly marked Maria and Salita doesn’t get much face time which usually means she won’t last.

I think Summer Sanders will last longer because the Kodak execs singled her out as being one they would hire on the spot for her role in the task. I just don’t think she can play with the other girls when they start bearing their teeth.

If it comes down to fighting my top two picks on the women’s team would have to be Holly and Sharon.  Cindy has celebrity, but she seems slow and lost when it comes to strategy.

On the Men’s team I can’t tell who the fighters are.  They all seem to have a head on their shoulders.  I would say Daryl will be one of the two because of the money he can bring in.  Either Michael Johnson or Bill Goldberg will be the second.

Michael seems smart and able to play the game without putting himself and risk.  Goldberg is huge and intimidating, but also does what needs to be done to get the job finished.

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