One From Each Team Leaves Celebrity Apprentice

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What a mess. This week on Celebrity Apprentice we saw a lot happen.

The task this week was to create a 30 second TV commercial for Right Guard Total Defense 5 and a 10 second Internet spot. The executives would choose a winner based on creativity, presentation, brand integration, and reaching the target of 13-18 year old boys.

Holly Robinson Peete was the project manager for the women and Curtis Stone was the project manager for the men.

On the women’s team Sharon Osbourne was still sick and sat this task out completely.  Cyndi Lauper went to DC to watch Obama sign another Anti-Discrimination bill which left the women down to four.

When the women met with the execs Holly asked about targeting the mothers since they would most likely purchase the product, but the execs told her the boys tell their mothers which one to buy.  Holly must have had her ears closed because she left thinking targeting the mothers was the right idea.

The women went with the theme of your first moment of funk and came up with a jingle. The men targeted the age group and showed how well the product works.  Scottie Pippen and Clyde Drexler came  to help out and they both did a great job and were willing to do whatever they were asked.

The men’s presentation was far superior to the women’s. Each of them went out and spoke about what they do and how hard they sweat. The next one would say they sweat more.  The execs liked it.

You can watch the men’s commercial here and the women’s here.  I thought the women did a better job on the commercial, but as far as the task goes the men did the best job.  The women made their ad entertaining and they showed the problem.  They didn’t show how to resolve the problem, however, and their 10 second Internet ad was just a clip of their main ad.

Michael Johnson left the show after the task was complete due to personal family reasons.  When asked about it he said he really didn’t want to get into it.  It had something to do with his son Sebastian who is 9 or 10. He told Donald Trump that he would no more when he landed in San Francisco and may be able to return.  Donald didn’t give him a chance to find out how serious the issue was and said too much time would pass and it wouldn’t be fair to the other contestants.

This struck me as odd.  He has let contestants in the past skip tasks for various reasons without consequence, but this time he said not a chance.  Michael Johnson was one of my picks before he was a project manager.  We’ll find out if he comes back next week.

What can we learn

There were some moments that stuck out to me.  When Ivanka went to check-up on the men she asked Curtis why they haven’t shot any video yet.  He responded that they have already shot two scenes and were setting up the third.  That was not true, but he didn’t want her to know they were having problems.  She left complimenting him for being calm when the deadline is looming.

From that we can learn to fake confidence if you have to, especially in front of  ”bosses”.

When the women were carrying in the furniture for their bit, Selita Ebanks was acting as Scottie Pippen’s personal assistant asking him if he wanted a drink, if he wanted ice, if the drink was satisfying to his liking, etc.  The problem was that George Ross saw that she didn’t help out.

Work hard throughout your task, you never know who might be watching.

I was excited to see how Holly performed as a project manager. She wasn’t as hard as I expected her to be, but she didn’t listen to what the client wanted and it cost her team the task.

You might have a superior product, but if it isn’t what the client wanted you lose.

In the boardroom

The previews let us know that the women lost so it wasn’t a surprise.  Holly really wanted to bring Cyndi and Maria back to the board room.  She wanted Maria Kanellis because she was editing and Cyndi because she is Cyndi.  Donald Trump flat out said that he will not fire Cyndi so she can bring her back, but she won’t get fired.

The women’s team is not getting along at all.  The two main people of conflict are Cyndi Lauper and Holly Robinson Peete.  They not only conflict with each other, but with others as well.

Holly ended up bringing Maria and Selita back. She choose Selita because Maria and George both said she didn’t do much.

In the boardroom, Holly went after Maria blaming her for the editing.  Maria asked Holly twice to look at the editing, but Holly said she trusted Maria.  Selita wasn’t doing anything so she could have sat in the editing booth too, but she didn’t.

In the end Selita was fired because she didn’t fight, or as she says she didn’t go “black girl”. This was really interesting to me. Sometimes Donald Trump will fire a person because they are at fault even though they weren’t the weakest player.

In this case Holly was the the person at fault. It was her idea to target mothers instead of 13-18 year old boys like the execs requested.  Selita’s laziness had nothing to do with the loss, but she was fired because she didn’t fight.

Who will win

On the women’s team I don’t know if Sharon will last now that she has been sick for three episodes.  Cyndi is there because she is a legend, but honestly the only way she will make it to the end is if Trump wants her there like Joan Rivers last season.

Holly Robinson Peete has a chance, but she showed poor judgement by not listening to the execs and blaming Maria for the loss when she had nothing to do with it.

Summer Sanders works hard and will probably last until she is project manager again.

Maria Kanellis will probably go all the way.  She works hard and knows how to deal with women.  Having a blog on the apprentice site does give us a clue as to how well she does. I was really surprised to hear everything Selita was saying about Maria. I didn’t see any of it. Maria seems like she is telling it how she sees it.

In the end I think I am going to go with Maria Kanellis on the women’s team.

On the men’s team Bret Michaels may leave the show if his daughter is diagnosed with Diabetes which seems likely.  It will be sad if he goes, because he is creative. He may have trouble expressing it sometimes, but he is a huge asset to the men’s team.

Bill Goldberg also works hard and contributes.  He will likely be the project manager next week so we will finally see how he is as a leader.  So far I don’t see anything that would keep him from being in the top three of the men’s team.

Curtis Stone has shown that he can fight, despite my previous impression of him.  He is also intelligent when dealing with execs and knows that he can’t show weakness.  If they lose another task it will be very difficult to decide who should be fired.

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