Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich Removed From Office

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Rod Blagojevich is Definitely DelusionalIt was another episode of Celebrity Apprentice where former Illinois state governor Rod Blagojevich was fired.  Let’s recap first.

Immediately after Darryl Strawberry was fired and the men returned to the room with the women’s team they were all called back to the board room.  Donald trump asked them pick a project manager.  Michael Johnson immediately with out hesitation said Rod.

I thought this was hilarious because Rod had chosen Sinbad and he chose Michael Johnson.  To me, Michael had this planned since Rod put him on the spot last week.

On the women’s team Selita Ebanks volunteered rather quickly to be the PM.  I thought it showed courage on her part since everyone knows the PM is at risk if they lose.

The Project Managers were placed on a jet and flown to Universal Studios in Orlando to look at a new ride called the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  The teams had to wait for word from the project manager before they knew what the task was.  They were to design a 3-d display where the execs and some kids would determine the winner.

Selita is savvy with technology. She can email, text, and work phones.  Rod is a technological delinquent.  He cannot turn on a computer, send an email, or text.  He has trouble working fancy phones.

Selita was a good project manager in my opinion.  As soon as she learned the task, she went to work watching the promotional DVD and sketching out an idea. Rod inspected the laptop lifting it up and looking underneath for directions on how to use it, I think.

Once off the plane Selita called the team and gave everyone assignments. She took a picture of the sketch she made and emailed it to the team to use as a base.  Rod tried to call and couldn’t figure something out with the phone. The team called him back and he explained the task and put Bret Michaels  in charge of the creative.

Rod failed to give any ideas as to what he thought the display should have in it.  After seeing the ride and talking with the execs, Rod still differed to Bret on any decisions.

One thing the execs made clear was that they put in a lot of attention to detail and want the displays to be as authentic as possible.

Rod Blagojevich really struggled as a leader.  Selita made a comment about him being a business man and not being able to use technology. She quickly corrected herself inserting politician instead of business man. I was glad she made the distinction.

In Rod’s defense politicians have aides that do just about everything for them.  Aides send email, make phone calls, research, market, write speeches, come up with ideas, read legislature, etc.  The politician is really just the face of the team and gives the final word on decisions, but even the aides say what it should be.

That is the lifestyle that Rod was used to and now he has to make the calls.  He doesn’t have experience with that and it showed.

Here are a few things we can learn from both teams.  The women’s team was well thought out and they tried to make it authentic.  The kids thought it was accurate, but not entertaining enough.

I thought they had some clever special effects like Summer Sanders poking boxes from behind the wall to make them fly off.  The women also had wind once the wand had chosen the kid and then took a picture.

Rod decided the men were going to wing it. They didn’t have any actual characters, just wizards and a headmaster.  Their terminology was wrong and the kids noticed.  There was too much smoke and Rod called for more.  I think he wanted more smoke to hide his shame, but who knows. The kids were bothered by the incorrect terms, but enjoyed the humor of the men more than the women.

What can we learn

What we learn is that there needs to be some research done and don’t try to wing it.  It was supposed to be authentic and it was a copy.

Another thing that both teams could have done to make the experience better was to get a focus group of kids.  Ask them what they would like to see in a 3D Harry Potter display and what would be important.

Communication is also important. The leader has to set the team in a direction and not say here is what the task is, good luck.

Who was the weakest player

On the women’s team, there wasn’t a clear weak link.  I honestly can’t think of anyone that did not pull their weight.  Editing usually makes one of them look bad, but this time they seemed to work.

As far as cliques go, Sharon Osborne has Cyndi Lauper’s back.  Selita Ebanks and Holly Robinson Peete are BFFs.  Summer Sanders and Maria Kanellis seem to be the outsiders.

Summer is still having trouble structuring a sentence when it hasn’t been scripted, but she still pulls her weight and doesn’t sit in a corner weighting to be told what to do.

Maria just wants to get to work and deal with emotions after the task. I agree with Maria’s thinking here. The women spend so much time trying not to offend that they get in little cat fights about offending someone. Maria wants to be tactful, but stop the sensitivity issues until the task is over and they have time to deal with them.

On the men’s team the weakest player is a toss up.  Rod was the project manager and failed miserably to manage. He delegated with out giving direction and he wanted to wing it instead of script what needed to be said.

The other weak player was Michael Johnson.  He obviously doesn’t play well with others. He expects the project manager to be clear and direct.  Rod was not like that.  If he doesn’t get clear and direct he will sit back and wait until he is told to do something.

What I like to see other team members do when the PM is failing is to pick up the slack and subtly take over without stepping on toes.  Sitting back and waiting for the leader to fail is not being a team player.

The Boardroom

The men lost because of the inaccuracies and Rod chose Michael Johnson and Curtis Stone to join him in the board room. The reason he chose them was because they were eating ribs when Rod got back from the trip.  That isn’t what he said, but the editing made me think that way.

Donald Trump tried to get Rod to bring Bret Michaels back instead. If Rod wasn’t a politician he would have changed his mind and brought back Bret which would have saved him for another week.

Donald Trump really wanted to fire Bret for some reason. It was almost as obvious as last season with Khloe Kardashian.

I think Bret did the most work and worked the hardest. You don’t fire the person that does the most work. That is like firing someone for coming up with an idea in a brainstorming session… Oh wait, Donald has fired someone for that very reason on an early season of The Apprentice.

Back in the board room Rod said Curtis was the weakest player on that task. His reasoning was Curtis was in charge of communication and information wasn’t communicated effectively. That shocked me. Curtis has not been the weakest player in any of the tasks including this one.

If Rod had gone after Michael Johnson instead he may have had a small chance, but the result would have been the same.  Rod was fired. It was his fault they lost and he couldn’t put the blame on anyone else.

Who’s next

The women’s team is tough to call the next firing. Sharon has been sick and she is somewhat feared by the other younger women. Cyndi could be fired, but she is a big name and backed by Sharon.  Holly Robinson Peete is a fighter so I think she will stay. The only risk she has is if she is the project manager of a losing task.

I think Summer Sanders will be next from the women, because she performed poorly as the project manager. Selita and Maria are in the mix too, but I don’t think they will be next.

On the men’s team Bret will probably become the scapegoat with Rod gone.  Curtis and Bill Goldberg have really impressed me with their work ethic. Michael Johnson is a fighter in a respectful condescending sort of way so he will stick around longer.

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#1 John on 04.19.10 at 3:40 pm

I was glad to see Rod go because it became nauseating to listen to Trump sing his praises over and over. Trump also has a history of firing the person who did the most work because they “owned” it.

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