Darryl Strawberry Strikes Out on The Celebrity Apprentice

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Strawberry on setWow, I just can’t pick ‘em.  Every week of the Celebrity Apprentice gives new insights into the different players and changes the opinions I have of the different players.

This week the teams were given the task of making an advertorial for LifeLock and Norton 360.

On the womens team Summer Sanders was picked as the project manager.  I had flashbacks of Sinbad last week.  Summer didn’t seem to have any idea what the advertorial was about.  When asked she would start to explain something about her holding a baby and… you know.

I felt bad for her. She really tried to keep Cyndi Lauper out of the task because she tends to talk too much and ask questions that aren’t relevant to the task.  Summer only succeeded in offending Cyndi.

Cyndi Lauper may be a bit kooky, but she works hard and is creative.  I see what Summer was trying to do, but she didn’t give Cyndi a chance.

Nobody knew what was going on and the photographer was irritated that they couldn’t explain what they wanted to do.

In the eleventh hour they figured out what they wanted to have done and pulled it together.  There advertorial looked nice, but lacked information and a call to action.

I thought Summer was a goner.

Michael Johnson was the men’s project manager.  I was excited to see how he would perform in the battle of the Olympians.

Brett Michaels tried way too hard to show Michael that he was there to work.  Brett is the Cyndi of the men’s team.  He asked question after question that didn’t have much to do with the task.  Michael Johnson was frustrated with him from the beginning.

Michael had an idea of what he wanted and didn’t take any input from Brett.  Brett had some good ideas and should have been taken seriously.

Michael chose Curtis Stone to be the spokesmen for the ad. Brett thought Bill Goldberg would have been a better choice and I have to agree with him.

Goldberg is more famous than Curtis and he matches better with the concept of protecting you from identity theft.

Curtis did have a good idea to show Michael Johnson and Bill Goldberg and say something like the fastest man can’t out run identity theft and the strongest man can’t protect you.

Rod “The Governor” Blagojevich tries hard.  He does what ever he is asked and campaigns along the way.  He was given the task of typing up some copy.  He didn’t know how to open a word processor to start typing.  Once someone opened a new document for him he was able to hunt and peck his way to knocking out a paragraph in under 30 minutes.

In his defense he had aids and assistance that would type and do all the computer related things he needed done when he was in office.

Darryl Strawberry was the guy that didn’t shine in the task. He was obviously disconnected from what was happening.  He would do what he was asked to do, but he was tired.  He even said that retired athletes and celebrities sleep until noon so the long days were hard on him.

The men’s advertorial had a couple pictures and a whole lot of words.  Brett mentioned there might be too many words, but Michael Johnson said it is called an advertorial and that is the way they are going to do it.

Gavin Maloof was checking in on them for Donald Trump and showed obvious dislike for the wordy product, but Michael still stood by his idea.

In the board room, Summer Sanders set up Cyndi Lauper for the fall.  Every one on the women’s team knows about Cyndi’s challenges, but none of them would dare voice their opinions.  Summer’s problem was that she didn’t wait until the lost to throw Cyndi under the bus.  Now the women are going to throw her under the bus next time they lose.

The execs weren’t thrilled with either ad. The women didn’t have much verbage on their ad and there was no call to action, not even a phone number. The men had too much verbage and probably some misinformation as well.

In the end the women’s advertorial was closer to what the execs wanted and they won.  Summer would surely have been fired.

On the men’s team it looked like Michael Johnson was going to be fired. He couldn’t blame the loss on anyone else. It was his fault.  When asked who the weakest player was he said Rod Blagojevich.  He also said it wasn’t Rod’s fault they lost.

Just when there didn’t seem to be any hope for Michael, Darryl spoke up and said he should be fired. That shocked everyone, including Michael.  Donald  didn’t want to fire Darryl and nobody wanted to seem him go.  He was a big money getter and the men would need that.

In the end, Darryl was fired and he was happy with that.  He knew everyone else wanted to be there but him.  It was sad to see him go, but he was ready to leave.

I think Summer Sanders will be next to go on the women’s team. If Michael Johnson wants a chance of winning, he needs to listen to his team.  Next time he might not be so lucky.

I think a future season should have celebrities versus regular people.  That would be fun to watch.  I did hear that the regular apprentice will be returning where Donald Trump will hire someone.

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