Cyndi Lauper Says Good Bye, Holly “The Scorpion” Robinson Peete Remains

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This week on Celebrity Apprentice was surprising.  Since Maria Kanellis and Sharon Osbourne admitted to not liking Curtis Stone, Donald Trump switched Curtis and Bret Michaels.

The task was to redesign an apartment complete with furnishings.  They would be judged on creativity, celebrity, and a wow factor.

Sharon volunteered to be project manager for RockSolid and Holly Robinson Peete was picked against her will for Tenacity.

Sharon and Curtis used their celebrity to get really nice fixtures for the apartment totaling over $100,000 for free!  Sharon waffled a lot on the colors for the apartment which really made me question whether or not they could pull it off.

Curtis took charge of the kitchen, of course.  The kitchen turned out well and was one of the features the judges liked.  Maria did everything. She painted, shopped, and carried stuff.

On Tenacity, Holly Robinson Peete and Cyndi Lauper seemed to be bonding.  Bret had to go to a concert, but he contributed a lot while he was there.  He took some pictures of the New York City skyline to put on the walls.

Cyndi was put in charge of the bonus room and the she did a much better job than Holly did with decorating.  Holly crammed a lot of stuff in the apartment making it look small. She choose some odd colors that didn’t work like she thought.

The judges like Bret’s pictures and Cyndi’s room, but nothing else.

By then end of the project, Maria and Sharon both loved Curtis.  His plan worked.  If his team lost he would have been the one under the bus if he hadn’t changed their opinion of him.

In the board room Tenacity lost because of Holly’s lack of creativity.  Trump asked Bret who should be fired and he said Cyndi.  I was surprised that Bret said that since it wasn’t Cyndi’s fault that they lost.  Yes, Cyndi does need to be micro-managed or she won’t get anything done and she did yell at the help, but the judges liked her room better than any other room on both teams!

Holly and Cyndi went back and forth and for a while it seemed Trump wanted to fire Holly, which was the right decision.  The thing about Donald is he looks for little irrelevant things to fire a person over.  Cyndi said Holly told her to paint the room red and suddenly Trump is all over Cyndi about it.  Bret was fairly quiet, but I would have been to.  Why speak when two women are fighting to stay on the show.  I thought he was safe.

He asks them to leave the board room and then asks LeFrak or what ever his name was who should be fired and he says Bret left so he should go.  Bret had a concert and nobody has been questioned in this season for having to go or be sick. Both Cyndi and Sharon missed partial and complete tasks and neither of them were put on the chopping block.

Baby Trump (Don Jr) said he was leaning towards Holly until Cyndi said painting the room was Holly’s idea.

Back in the board room Holly and Cyndi were going back and forth again and then Trump told Bret the other guy said he should be fired.  Bret gave him the look of death. It was pretty funny. I think Bret was tired since he had about 4 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours.

For a minute it looked like Trump was going to fire Bret because he wasn’t fighting.  Up to that point Holly was backing up Bret, but then Trump asked Holly if Bret should be fired.  Holly said she thought he was safe since he had a concert, but then she stabbed him in the back and said he wasn’t very strong.

Holly has NO loyalty and will say anything to save herself.  She is a person that cannot be trusted.  I know she is trying to raise money for her charity, but she acts more like a snake oil sales woman than a person running a charity.

If Trump were firing people based on performance in the task or whose fault it is that the team lost, it would be Holly hands down.  She is 1-2 as project manager now and her decisions lost the task, not Cyndi’s and not Bret’s.  Her apartment looked a little better because of what Cyndi and Bret did.

In the end Trump fired Cyndi.  I agree that Cyndi can be difficult, but so can Holly.  Holly escaped being fired for the third time now I think.  She is hostile and not creative.

Next week we see that Trump is going to fire someone right away and then the remaining four will be interviewed by Joan Rivers and Bill Rancic.  I can’t imagine who he will fire on the spot.  From the comments it sounds like Holly makes it somehow.  As far as the last two are concerned, I would like to see Bret and either Sharon or Maria.

Please not Holly, she does not deserve to be there and represents everything that is wrong with business. I think you should do what it takes to win, but at least have some ethics and values.  She is a scorpion. She can smile to your face and simultaneously stab you in the back.

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