Celebrity Apprentice: Eric Trump Makes His Debut

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This week on Celebrity Apprentice the task was to make a 30 second radio commercial for each of Clockwork Home Services companies, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, Mister Sparky, and One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning.

Bret Michaels was the project manager for RockSolid and Summer Sanders was the project manager for Tenacity.

RockSolid was back to making inappropriate jokes during their brainstorming session.  It is something they might be embarrassed about after watching it again along with millions of others, but they were having fun.

The execs told both teams that humor was hard to nail and they did not want any humor at their employees expense.

From that Team Tenacity with Summer in the lead decided to take the conservative approach. Summer put Cyndi Lauper in charge of music and the jingles and Holly Robinson Peete in charge of the script.

Cyndi did what she was asked to do.  Naturally she told a lot of irrelevant stories that wasted some time.  She lost part of her singing voice and it looked like she might not be able to sing in any of the commercials, but after some amusing voice stretches she was able to do it last minute.

Holly tried to cram way too much information into the 30 second spots which resulted in them not being very creative or memorable.

Curtis Stone tried to help with the commercials, but with his Australian accent  and word usage coupled with his tone deafness, there wasn’t anything he could do.  He felt the commercials were too safe and wanted to make them a little more edgy, but Summer and Holly decided that conservative was better.

RockSolid with Bret Michaels in the lead along with Sharon Osborne and Maria Kanellis came up with some creative commercials.  The execs loved Bret and even mentioned that they would like to hire him to do some marketing.

In the plumbing commercial Bret decided to use the word crack, but I thought it was tasteful and respectful. He said “We plumbers  know people crack a lot of jokes at our expense…”  I don’t think there was anything wrong with it. You can listen to the commercial here.

In the board room Sharon and Maria both attacked Curtis.  I was surprised because they haven’t been on the same team.  I am not sure where it came from since the editing hasn’t made him look like a conceited jerk.

Tenacity lost the task because they played it too safe.  You’d think they would have learned from the workout task that you have to make things fun and memorable.

The execs loved that Cyndi was in one of the commercials and with all the praise for Cyndi, she was safe.  Holly was in charge of scripts and they lost because of crammed information and not being creative which was Holly’s responsibility.  Curtis didn’t really seem to do anything to contribute.

I knew Summer was going to bring Curtis and Cyndi back and let Holly go safely back to the room.  The smart thing would have been to bring Holly and Curtis back, but she is so concerned about not throwing anybody under the bus that she didn’t try to defend herself.

Donald Trump sent Cyndi out of the board room since she wasn’t going to be fired.  Curtis stood up for himself in a respectful way.  He didn’t bash Summer, but he fought. Summer took too long to respond and couldn’t give any good reasons why she should stay and Curtis should be fired.  At one point it seemed Donald was swaying towards Curtis to fire, but then Summer didn’t sound convincing so she got the axe instead.

Summer did a much better job than I initially thought she would.  She proved she is a good worker, but she lacks leadership skills.  She did improve since her last go at project manager so she does learn from the past.  She delegated and was able to complete sentences.

This week we saw Donald Trump’s third child Eric Trump.  It was so funny to see because he is just like his older brother. They have the same mannerisms, hair, and forced comments.  Time will tell if we see more of him in the future.  It did make me wonder if they are fed with comments to add and questions to ask.

This doesn’t change much as far as my projections.  I think Bret will be one of the final two because he is very creative and there has been a lot of talk about how his recent health problem might interfere with Celebrity Apprentice.

The second person is up in the air for me. I have reasons why any one of them could fill the second seat. The next couple weeks will be fun to watch.

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