Bret Michaels Makes it to the Finals of Celebrity Apprentice

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This was the last episode leading up to the live finale.  It started out with Donald Trump calling all of the contestants back to the board room to fire one of them.  He asked Holly Robinson Peete who should be fired and she said Maria Kanellis.

Everyone else jumped on the bandwagon and said Maria except Bret.  Bret Michaels didn’t say Maria because everyone else did.  He said Holly, but we didn’t get to hear what his reasons were because Trump cut him off and changed the subject.

Sharon Osbourne and Maria both praised Holly for some reason.  Their praise was about how she has had a hard life as a mother raising an autistic child.  That does give her something to motivate her.  I was disappointed that they didn’t say what they really felt.

Maria was fired and the excuse given was because the story she used to explain why she thought Curtis Stone was arrogant.  She said that he took a dump in their restroom and smelled it up.  I was sad that she was fired. She seemed to always try to help the team.

The remaining four contestants were interviewed by Joan Rivers and Bill Rancic. Bill was serious in the interview and called people out on what he noticed.  The best part was when he brought up Holly’s record.  She has one win and two losses.  He only win was a fundraising task. She won because that is what she does for a living.  She already had a long list of donors to call on.  She isn’t creative and doesn’t put in the effort if she isn’t the project manager.

Joan questioned Bret about not showing he is fighting.  I really underestimated Bret. He has the most integrity out of any of those people.  I am a big fan of his now after his performance on the show. He took responsibility for his actions and said he isn’t going to win by throwing others under the bus.

Joan naturally said she wanted to see Holly and Sharon in the final. Bill said Holly and Bret.

Trump fired Curtis and Sharon leaving Bret and Holly in the finals.  This is coming down to integrity versus the lack there of.

The task was to create a Snapple flavor along with a 30 second commercial and print ad.

Bret had Summer Sanders and Darryl Strawberry to help him on his team.  I was glad Summer was there to help, but I was hesitant about Darryl since he basically gave up and quit the show.  He said that he wanted to redeem himself.  Darryl has star power that can help Bret.

Holly had Curtis and Maria help on her team. She was not happy about that. I don’t think she likes either of them.  She really wanted Summer, but Trump picked the teams and they didn’t get any input.

The teams picked their flavors and had to negotiate to get what they want.  Both teams wanted Passion Fruit. Curtis negotiated for Holly.  Bret should not have gone in to negotiate.  He told Curtis everything he wanted. He gave up plan A, plan B, and plan C.  Curtis didn’t have to tell him anything.  Bret asked what they wanted and Curtis said they wanted all those flavors too.

Bret realized Curtis wasn’t going to budge so he said they could have Passion Fruit if he could have everything else he wanted.

The teams created two flavors to bring to a mall for a taste test.  Holly knew what she wanted and was going to go with it.  Maria suggested adding a spice to it.  They went with sweet basil and went to the taste test with a passion fruit strawberry blend with and without sweet basil.  Maria wanted to have two separate flavors, but didn’t want to fight for it since the task was all for Holly.

Bret’s team came up with two completely different flavors.  During the taste test one of the flavors proved to be a bad choice, but the other flavor seemed to be pleasing.

Holly was pushing forward with her commercial while Bret was stopped waiting for a dolly track.  We don’t know what happened after that.  Based on the way the editing went, it appeared Bret wouldn’t have enough time to get the commercials he wanted and Holly would win by default.

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